The left just doesn’t get it |

The left just doesn’t get it

Bob Anderson

Dear Editor,

As I sit here watching a statue of Saddam fall from its lofty perch in downtown Baghdad; as I watch joyful Iraqi citizens jumping on Saddam’s statue and dragging its head through the streets; as I watch Iraqi citizens waving American flags; as I see the hope for true freedom on Iraqi faces; I have to wonder what the Sue Gray’s and the R.B. Schoonmaker Jr.’s of the world have to say now.

Perhaps they believe it is all just another show for TV or perhaps it is another propaganda display by the Saddam-controlled media in Iraq. Of course, most of what was being broadcast today was from the cameras of Arab-controlled broadcasters such as Abu Dubai TV and Al Jazeera TV. An Al Jazeera broadcaster even commented that “many in the Arab world would like to see this happen in other Arab countries.”

Of course, if Mr. R.B. Schoonmaker Jr. got his information from either Walter Cronkite or Tom Brokaw, it is understandable why he is anti-Bush and against the liberation of Iraq. Perhaps he believes that Martin Sheen is the real president. Or that Mike Farrell was really in a MASH unit once and therefore has some real insight into what is really going on in Iraq.

The left just doesn’t get it.

God bless America.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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