The meaning of Christmas |

The meaning of Christmas

Dear Editor,Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate. I like giving and receiving gifts as well as the next guy. I like the look on children’s faces when they open up the packages on Christmas day, and the turkey or ham dinner.But to me, as it should be for all our nation’s people, Christmas is the day of the birth of our Lord Jesus. What would this country be like if he had not come? The pilgrims came to America for religious freedom. A major reason for the Revolutionary war was freedom of religion. How many people have died in wars for the right to be free in our nation? What about freedom of speech and the right to assembly? We have this right in our country; many countries do not.We are so fortunate we don’t live in a country like Hitler’s Germany or Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, where people are put to death for what they say or do, or for no reason at all.Isn’t it time we admit we need Jesus in our lives? Isn’t it time we give thanks to him for our families? If we give thanks for what we have, then Jesus will bless us for more. But first it is our choice to accept Jesus or not, to be born again. It is time to give our Lord a chance in our lives, our family lives and our nation. There should be a well-read Bible on the table, a rifle on the wall and regular church attendance in every family.God bless,Jack GilbertsonSiltAn outstanding performance by Mountain MadrigalsDear Editor,The performance by the Mountain Madrigal Singers on Saturday evening, Dec. 18, at the United Methodist Church was a very impressive holiday presentation. This talented group provides high-quality music, and this year’s performance was outstanding. We are fortunate to have this musical group in the Roaring Fork Valley!Andy SeguraGlenwood Springs

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