The Oscars, according to Summer |

The Oscars, according to Summer

Summer's Forecast
Summer Moore
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Since it is Oscar week I have decided to put a list together of the nominees and why, or why not, they are going to win on Sunday.

This movie has a really good chance. While it was not something I ever have to see again, the Coen brothers are well-liked by the Academy, with six previous nominations each. Also, Javier Bardem is a shoe-in for an Oscar because this was one of those performances where you will never be able to look at him the same. The film was different and intriguing, whether or not it was something the whole family could enjoy.

To me, “Clayton” is the runt of this year’s nominees. It was an excellent film, but it is up against too many heavy hitters. While producer Sydney Pollack consistently puts out stellar pictures, this one is just too weak for this year. Plus three actors from this movie are nominated on their own: George Clooney, Tom Wilkinson, and Tilda Swinton. Although I do not think anyone from “Clayton” will win, the amount of nods make up for it.

Again, like “No Country” here is a film that stands out in the running because of its uniqueness as a whole. Daniel Day-Lewis is nominated also by himself. Both the film and Lewis have a great chance here. We have not seen Lewis in this kind of role, and he is incredible. If you can stomach it, go see this movie.

While I really liked this movie, I do not understand the nomination. It is cute, but that is it ” cute. Not Oscar worthy in my opinion, at least not against this year’s other nominees. Also, I really do not think Ellen Page should be in this caliber. She was good but come on, how hard is it for a quirky girl to play a quirky girl? If “Juno” wins anything it is because of the independent feel, not because of the actual film. I will be shocked if either the film or Page walk away with a golden man.

As love stories go, this one was done with a grace and beauty that is hard to find these days. However, the film was predictable and a little too sad. While I think Kiera Knightley was a little snubbed by the Academy, I still believe that this movie does not have a chance. This year, the theme is pure violence and hard-core schizophrenia, not love.

All the nominees this year are there for a reason. However, the only two that have a chance are “No Country For Old Men” and “There Will Be Blood.” Both films are heavy and violent, but that is what the Academy is looking for this year, obviously. These movies are ones you will not soon forget, and therefore are exactly what the Oscars were made for. It will be close between these two, but “Blood” will triumph in the end because of Lewis’ performance.

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