The price of living in a free society |

The price of living in a free society

Bob Anderson

Dear Editor,

I love the letters to the editor section of a newspaper. I find it very stimulating to read what people think of the many issues facing the American people. For a long time, that is all I did was read. But when the events of this last year started to unfold and I could no longer stomach the decidedly left-leaning editorials and letters to the editor in this newspaper, I decided it was time for the “other side” to speak up.

Not that I represent the “other side.” I express my own opinions, nothing else. I do not expect most of the folks who read them will agree. But I do expect those who do not agree will at least think about what I have said. Of course the operative word here is “think.”

Unfortunately, when small people with small minds try to think and can find nothing relevant to say they will invariably resort to personal attacks and/or veiled threats.

Such is the price the rest of us must pay for living in a free and open society. We must endure reading such drivel and are then free to decide if we agree or not.

“The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” But some waste is inevitable, I guess. “Waste not, want not.” The list goes on and on. Don’t you get all warm and fuzzy thinking about this stuff too?

God Bless America

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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