The story behind the Silt survey |

The story behind the Silt survey

Dear Editor,

I would like to take a few moments to nip in the bud any rumors that may be beginning and to inform my fellow citizens of Silt of my intentions behind the survey.

I do not have an “ax to grind” with the town. I am not trying to encourage a “witch hunt” nor am I on a “head-hunting” expedition. But most importantly I am NOT accusing anyone of anything. I am merely asking questions. Questions, I hope, that will stimulate contemplation throughout our town.

I am encouraging everyone to take part in this survey and please remember there are no right or wrong answers. If you have nothing but praise or glowing accolades for the town, write them down. If you are tired of complaining to your spouse, hairdresser and/or neighbors, here’s your chance to voice your gripes. Please do.

I am also asking all those who live outside of town to please bring the survey in and drop it off at 2116 Horseshoe Trail, No. 16.

I am willing to share the results of the survey to all those interested. However, all names, addresses and comments will be kept confidential unless otherwise written on the survey itself that you are willing to have your comments be made public.

It is my opinion, no one else’s, that Silt is on the verge of a water crisis. If you hadn’t had an opportunity to watch the last board of trustees meeting on July 8, I strongly urge you to do so. There was a comment made by trustee Wallace that the board of trustees knew about the problems with the water treatment plant five years ago and they did, essentially, nothing to actively or aggressively address the issues.

That night there was also a list of existing problems with the water treatment plant and a report handed out to all those present. The report, compiled by Jim Taylor, the lead operator for the water plant, stated, “Although manganese is generally not considered to be a health hazard, at the levels we have in our system it is cause for concern.” True, this news was brought to light by Jim Taylor, but I feel no blame should be thrown his way. In fact, I am pleasantly surprised and pleased that he was honest and forthright with his report and I commend him.

Again, I urge everyone to participate in the survey and I look forward to collecting them.

Shannon Bailey


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