The truth of U.S. foreign policy |

The truth of U.S. foreign policy

Greg Gillette
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Most people do not know the truth of this country’s foreign policy because most of the news we receive has been distorted. I appreciate all the great things this country has done, but I want people to understand the bad things the U.S.A. has done in the name of spreading democracy.

Our foreign policy should be called corporate policy, because that is the truth. The U.S. supports nations that support our corporations, and will, and has overthrown leaders that are not friendly to our economic interests. Once these leaders are overthrown, economically friendly “puppet” leaders and governments are installed. For example: Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran was overthrown and the Shah was put back into power. Mossadegh was democratically elected and wanted to use his country’s resources for his people.

How would we feel if a foreign country overthrew our elected leader?

“It is impossible to overstate the magnitude of anger and hatred that the Iranian people had for the U.S. government in 1979, not only because their world-famous democratically elected prime minister had been ousted by the CIA, but also for having had to live for the following 25 years under a brutal and torturous dictatorship, a U.S.-government-supported dictatorship that also offended many Iranians with its policies of Westernization.” (Jacob Hornberger)

This country’s actions contributed to the 1979 Iranian revolution that brought bitterly anti-American leaders to power and inspired Islamic radicals around the world.

The U.S. gave weapons and support to Saddam in the ’80s during the Iraq/ Iran war and to Osama when Afghanistan was fighting the Soviet Union. The only justified wars the U.S. has been in on foreign land are World War I and II. All the rest have never been declared Constitutionally, and they all were and are about money and resources.

We have terrorism in this country because of our foreign policy actions.

It is time to switch our foreign policy from corporate policy and military force to a peace-building policy that respects life and all the governments and people of the world and uses military force as a last resort.

You can take this article for what it is ” the truth ” or you can do what most Americans do: Deny the truth, avoid the truth, refuse the truth, hate the truth, and bury the truth. But if you really take a hard look at yourself and this country and begin to finally think for yourself and to question authority and the government and big corporations, you will discover the truth and you will be set free to take action and demand a better and more peaceful United States. For the rest of you, who do not want to believe the truth and who will not investigate history and at least search for the truth outside the government and corporate influence, I feel saddened by your lack of thinking and questioning and from your action of blindly following what people in authority place in front of you.

Greg Gillette lives in Glenwood Springs.

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