The U.S. is on an irreversible slide |

The U.S. is on an irreversible slide

Out On A Limb
Ross L. Talbott
Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO

I am writing this on Election Day. Never in my life have I been so inundated with campaign material and speeches. I believe this will prove to be the most critical election in American history since Lincoln.

Our debt is beyond grasp of the normal mind, and there is no logical solution.

By the time you read this we should have a designated winner. Whoever it is will have a really, really challenging job ahead to stabilize our economy and to manage the national debt.

There are also the threats from other countries, such as Iran, lurking in the future. The whole Middle East is destabilized, and all-out war is highly likely.

The natural calamities such as the drought and Hurricane Sandy also put a strain on the economy and government resources.

We have created a culture of dependency where a huge segment of our population is dependent on food stamps and a multitude of government programs. There seems to be some sort of infection that is sweeping our country that is dissolving the backbone.

Where is the pride of independence? When did common sense become so uncommon? Why do so many respond emotionally rather than logically?

We have dodged the whole illegal immigration problem, while the real border problem is the drug war. Drugs are flowing in, money is flowing out and terrorist and dissidents are flowing in.

Thousands of people have died on both sides of the border, and the federal government is suing the state of Arizona for trying to legally deal with the problem.

We are trying to save our homes from foreclosure while we look for a job. We are funding our enemies by buying oil from them while we block natural resource production in our own country.

We are giving government subsidies to countries that are our sworn enemies. We help them to develop their natural resources and are blocking our own.

Even the Supreme Court is failing in its duty to uphold the Constitution.

According to our Constitution, which is a brilliant document, the federal government has no business being involved in education, health care, food processing, state lands, environmental control and a multitude of other controls.

Read it yourself. If it isn’t specified in the Constitution, it’s the province of the states.

Socialism, as a form of government, has been a really bad form of government and a total suppressor of freedom. We are on an irreversible slide to huge government control and ownership, which is the antithesis of freedom.

Only drastic measures will reverse the slide. One solution would be for the states to rise up and institute their constitutional rights.

Kick the feds out of everything not specified in the Constitution. If competition between the states for jobs, living conditions and quality of life was restored, the changes would be dramatic and beneficial.

The creation of the Federal Reserve, which is neither federal nor reserve, has created a huge inflation problem. Giving the control of our money to a private group was unconstitutional. It created an incredibly wealthy group of bankers who totally control the economy for the rest of us. We are at their mercy.

State chartered banks are a possible solution, although North Dakota has the only state chartered bank I am aware of. They have an unemployment rate of 3 percent, and that bank has put a lot of money back into the state treasury.

Finally, we need a serious revival. The further we, as a nation, have drifted away from our founding fathers’ faith in the God of creation, the deeper we sink into destruction. It’s great to say “God bless America,” but we really need to say “America bless God.”

“Out On A Limb” appears on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle, where he is a business owner.

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