The U.S. is suffering from economic, political pain |

The U.S. is suffering from economic, political pain

Out On A Limb
Ross L. Talbott
Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO

Did you ever wonder what our predecessors did to relieve pain?

Today we have all kinds of analgesics and sedatives, from aspirin to all kinds of shots. The most available to our ancestors was probably alcoholic beverages. We still have that in many forms, but now have medical marijuana and other mind altering substances.

The problem with all of these resources is that they may relieve the pain, but they don’t solve the root cause of the pain.

Actually, there are several types of pain. Obviously physical pain indicates a physical problem which should not be ignored. The incredible skills of the medical profession have lengthened our lives, increased our capabilities and increased our comfort.

The main problem is being able to afford it. That’s where pain killers come in.

That suggests another area of pain. There are all sorts of causes of financial pain, with paying for medical care at the top of the list. I know people who end up owing a half million dollars and maybe even a million.

Major financial problems cause everything from domestic violence to physical illness to suicide.

This opens the subject to the area of emotional pain.

Failure, rejection, a bad self image, dysfunctional relationships and a host of other things may cause you to lie awake. Withdrawal, hypersensitivity, aggressive behavior and self abuse are some of the responses.

Far too often the response is not to deal with the source of the pain but to take the “aspirin.” The most popular is alcohol, with marijuana running a close second.

These comments are just scratching the surface. Whole books have been written, college courses taught and professions built around this issue. What I’m doing is just laying the groundwork for a brief look at the economic and political pain facing our nation.

Stimulus packages and presidential speeches are just “aspirin.”

We have some political “surgeons” lined up claiming to be able to get to the heart of the problem. I agree that we must put a tourniquet on spending. We must eliminate government waste.

We need to close the border to stop illegal traffic, the money drain and the drug flow.

We need to increase our own energy production and stop buying it from the Arabs.

Realize that the source of wealth is not the Federal Reserve, a privately owned bank, and that the Fed is unconstitutional.

Return states rights in all areas not specifically designated to the federal government by the Constitution (see Amendment X).

We must realize that government handouts are not a source of wealth.

Farming, mining, manufacturing and innovation create wealth and the mythical “jobs” politicians keep ranting about.

All of the foregoing is important. You can cut the cancer out and sew up the wound, but the problem is far deeper. Maybe it’s genetic or dietary or random radiation or a cellular disorder. Surgery only buys time.

The political surgery we do now will buy us time, but I fear the real cause lies much deeper.

We have lost the pioneer spirit. That incredible determination to be self-reliant seems to be gone. Also, the sense of personal and corporate responsibility is severely diminished.

We have created a generation that does not respect life, is self-centered, feels the need to be entertained and has a culture of entitlement.

Our sense of morality is in the gutter. More than 50 percent of children are born out of wedlock. Where are the men with a sense of pride and responsibility? Where are the women with a sense of self-worth?

As soon as kids move from the day care to public schools and to the nanny government, they become permanent dependents.

We have also gone from a nation “under God” to a nation against God.

Remember the ant and the grasshopper? Well, winter’s here, but I’m afraid the grasshoppers can outvote us.

“Out On A Limb” appears on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle, where he is a business owner.

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