There are many types of GPS systems |

There are many types of GPS systems

Out on a Limb
Ross L. Talbott
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

The increasing complexity of finding my way around in urban areas caused me to finally resort to buying a Garmin GPS.

My first experience and trial run didn’t turn out all that well.

I punched in the address for Children’s Hospital in Denver and my GPS led me down Colfax Avenue through 50 stoplights and a complex detour, but we actually arrived at our destination.

Then on the way home it tried to get me to turn off at Gypsum and go over Cottonwood Pass to New Castle.

It certainly was causing more problems and not really being helpful.

After further study I changed it to the fastest way instead of the shortest. Now I am happy with its performance.

If I turn off for a rest stop or coffee break it keeps saying “recalculating.” It eventually nags me until I am back on the planned path.

I also got a little paranoid feeling that someone or something was watching my every move.

In all this experience I saw a parallel to life.

From the time you begin life there is some factor trying to guide you to a successful destination after an efficient trip through life.

I concluded that maybe the GPS of life was Grandparents, Parents and Siblings.

My daughter joked that success in life depended on picking good grandparents.

Unfortunately a lot of people in today’s culture don’t have a good life GPS (grandparents, parents and siblings). Their guidance comes from peers, television, politics, drugs, money or power.

When you find yourself in deep debt is there a little voice saying, “Recalculating”? How about eating disorders? Recalculating? Do you hear that voice when you are in a detention facility or maybe a homeless shelter?

Maybe your GPS is haywire or not properly programmed.

One thing is helpful. We can look around at others and see where their life’s GPS is leading or has led them.

We should then be wise enough to eliminate a major portion of those guidance systems. There is Greed Possession Stuff, but it doesn’t bring real happiness or hope of eternity.

How about Get Power and Strength? That might lead to a career in politics.

Maybe your guiding thing is Go Party and Sex. This could lead you to infidelity, disease, abortion and all kinds of problems.

Attending a university is one major way to acquire a guidance system.

The problem there is that universities are primarily focused on financial success and heavily lean toward liberal politics. Professors are reportedly 90 percent Democrats. That GPS system might cause you to be stuck on Cottonwood Pass in the winter.

We become so immersed in the activities and pressures of everyday life that it becomes really difficult to get perspective.

When I finally got my GPS correctly programmed it turned out to be really helpful.

Selecting a guidance system for your life is really, really critical.

We humans have an innate sense that it all doesn’t end at death. This area is too critical to just jump to a conclusion. Study the alternatives.

Are you sure about where you are headed or do you hear a little voice saying, “Recalculating”?

My GPS is God’s Plan of Salvation and my instruction manual is the Bible. It works!

Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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