Third party needed to compile Silt survey |

Third party needed to compile Silt survey

Dear Editor,

I have collected the Silt surveys, and I am now trying to find a qualified, disinterested third party to volunteer his or her time to review the surveys and compile the results.

The disinterested third party I’m looking for must be a person who does not personally know or have ties with the town of Silt administration or Board of Trustees.

This person must also have no ties with any member of the CCCEG, including Duke Cox, Steve Eichhorst, Dave Moore or myself.

We are looking for an individual who does not live in Silt and is not employed by any city government.

I would like to release the results as soon as possible, so time is of the essence. Anyone interested in assisting may call me at 948-7791.

I would also like to respond to the letter from Ms. Lynn Haley of Silt.

Ms. Haley, you stated that “two good men lost their jobs.” That simply isn’t true. They didn’t lose their employment with the town, nor did the Board of Trustees force them to leave. According to Mayor John Evans, both men have resigned. One man resigned for personal reasons and the other resigned to further his career on the Front Range.

Your statement that Dave Moore and I should pack up and leave Silt if we don’t like it is not only childish, but it indicates your lack of self-respect and hometown pride. I have spoken with many people, both new and longtime Silt residents, over the past few weeks and a good number of them have expressed their wish to see Silt cleaned up and improved.

And if you haven’t noticed, Mayor Evans, a longtime resident, and the Board of Trustees have not only recognized the need for change and improvements to Silt, but they have expressed their desire to achieve both.

Does your “like it or leave it” statement apply to all these people as well?

In closing, Ms. Haley, I would like to say that I found your letter to be filled with snide remarks and misinformed comments. Should you ever care to speak with me about your thoughts, opinions or concerns regarding the CCCEG, please feel free to give me a call.

Thank you,

Shannon Bailey


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