This weeks question: If forced to predict the NFLs Super Bowl teams based on the regular season so far, who would you pick? |

This weeks question: If forced to predict the NFLs Super Bowl teams based on the regular season so far, who would you pick?

Well, in the AFC, Id have to say the Patriots theyre rock-solid right now. And in the NFC: Definitely the Colts. Peyton Mannings the best QB of our generation. Oh wait, the Colts arent in the NFC? Then how about San Diego? Sure theyre only 2-3 now, but their 41-3 win over Denver demonstrates they can easily get to 10-6 with the offensive weapons theyve got, and Shawne Merriman is a defensive catalyst.You mean the Chargers arent in the NFC, either? Well then, the Steelers sure, theyve played a few chumps, but theyve snuffed them out pretty good. Seriously!? Theyre also in the AFC? Well, if the four best teams in the NFL are in the AFC, what difference does it make who represents the NFC in the Super Bowl? I guess itll be the Cowboys, or something. But the AFC team will win Im sure of that just like I was sure the Rockies wouldnt make the playoffs.

The teams that will play in Super Bowl XLII are the Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos. After losing to San Diego 41-3 on Sunday, the Broncos will win their final 11 games and sweep into the playoffs. Inspired by the counterparts in the Rockies, the team has lost the last three games to make the fans lose hope so they can come roaring back to surge in popularity.In the playoffs, Denver will beat the Colts at home and then end the Patriots undefeated season in Foxboro. Super Bowl XLII will be a laugher as Tony Romo fumbles his way to the bench and T.O. is shut down by Champ Bailey. The final score will be 56-0, and Jay Cutler will be the MVP. What a glorious year to be a Bronco fan.(Please note, the author is in complete denial about the Broncos and truly believes they have won 41 Super Bowls in a row to this point. He even has Bronco parties for every Super Bowl).

Prognostication, not my forte teams I root for dont even win. In five games at San Diegos Petco Park wearing Dodger gear, the Pads won four! But, OK: If I were a gambler (I wouldnt know when to hold, nor fold, em), Id guess everyone but Paul Harvey picks the Patriots from the AFC. Having known Paul since he was a wee lad prior to puberty, I know he bleeds old fashioned Orange Crush, so he MIGHT pick the Donks. I respect that, Paul no front runner, you. I, however, will jump on the New England Cheat-riots spywagon.Could we move the Colts to the NFC? After all, the Steelers switched. No?Cant jump on the TO & the Boys train; hell make that clubhouse implode, and cmon Wade Phillips in the Super Bowl? Favre and the Packers are a sentimental pick, but my wife likes Seattles colors. Seahawks-Pats.

Its obviously hard to pick Super Bowl teams in October because championships are won in December and January, and your ability (or luck) as a team to stay injury free. That being said, I have two teams that seem to have what it takes to win it all. In the NFC, the Cowboys have to be the pick with their defense, running game and Tony Romos leadership. In the AFC, the Patriots seem unbeatable. They have the best coach, a great defense led by many veterans, and the ultimate winner, Tom Brady.

Super Bowl picks Lets start with the stacked AFC. The Colts, Patriots, Steelers, or even the Broncos despite their 2-3 record, are strong.The performances in the NFC as a whole have been deplorable; if anyone except the Cowboys make it to the final dance then the game will be about as enjoyable as a root canal.From the AFC, my pick would have to be the Colts. This, of course, might change after the New England vs. Indy game on Nov. 4. To be honest, I feel that the Patriots have the stronger team but I just don’t like them. Cheaters!I see the Colts vs. Patriots game like good vs. evil, autobots vs. decepticons, Harrison vs. Moss; I believe good will triumph.The Colts and Cowboys in the Super Bowl will be a competitive matchup between proven and unproven team leaders. If the Cowboys and Patriots make the Super Bowl, Ill watch it only for the commercials.

In a season filled with uncertainty, people wonder which teams have the best chance to make it to the big game. In the NFC, two teams stick out the most: Dallas and the NFC North Green Bay Packers. Led by Tony Romo, Dallas offense has been high-powered every week and shows no sign of slowing down, but theres also Green Bay, led by the ageless Brett Favre with both a young offense and a young defense. Finally, they have the pieces to win a few games. Also keep an eye on Washington. They might not be undefeated but Gibbs knows what hes doing. In the AFC, it is down to Indy and New England, the only two undefeated teams. Indianapolis started strong this year, routing the New Orleans Saints and has shown why they are the defending Super Bowl champions. New England has shown strengths on both the offense and defense, scoring over 30 points a game and only allowing 20 or less. In the end, it looks that Indianapolis will appear in the Super Bowl for a second time, while Dallas has the best chance to represent the NFC.

My prediction, based upon the season so far is putting two Ps in the pod Patriots vs. Packers.The Patriot offense is powerful and the Packers is persistent but, most important, both have outstanding D- fences!The key factor for both is continuing to protect the Q backs Brady and Favre and keeping them healthy.

Patriots. I do think the Packers, Cowboys and Colts are good, but the Patriots are darn-near perfect. Their offense is unstoppable and the defense is good enough to stop other teams at least a few times, which is good enough when you have the best offense in the league.Tom Brady is awesome, Randy Moss is showing what he can do with a quarterback who is smart and can throw the ball and Sammy Morris and Laurence Maroney run just enough to make it work.As the fantasy football owner of Brady and Moss, I know they are putting up points and I dont think anyone can stop them.

The Patriots are the obvious choice, if only because their offensive line is providing Tom Brady with enough time in the pocket to polish off the latest Harry Potter novel, check down five or six receivers and then complete a 50-yard pass to Randy Moss after every snap. Still, the Browns yes, the CLEVELAND Browns made the Pats look vincible (is that a word?) on Sunday. Take away three Derek Anderson turnovers and a Kellen Lewis fumble and the score drops considerably from 34-17. New England hasnt faced much in the way of competition. My pick: the Colts will represent the AFC in Zona. Call me crazy, but I just have a feeling about this one.The NFC truly a Pop Warner circuit save maybe the Cowboys is where the picture muddles. The last five NFC Super Bowl reps: Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia and Carolina. Not exactly a class crop.I guess Ill take the Cowboys. The Packers provide the only other viable option (right now), but the Brandon Jackson-Vernand Morency platoon at running back aint catchin my eye. You cant win big without a running game.

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