This week’s question: What do the Broncos need to do to turn things around? |

This week’s question: What do the Broncos need to do to turn things around?

Note: We sent this question out to Sports Panelers on Thursday and, of course, the Broncos decided to win.

I hate to mention this again but I think in light of recent games it is time to find a new head coach for the Broncos. Shanahan may have been a great coach at one time for the Broncos, but in recent years it seems that his recruiting or perhaps even his eye for good talent isn’t working for him or the team.

In order for the Broncos to turn this season around they will have to get healthy and find some kind of running game (they can’t just rely on their QB).

It also wouldn’t hurt to find a few players that actually want to play defense. It’s hard to win in the NFL when your best player is your kicker.

Turn around and go home? Right, as of Sunday afternoon they’re back in the playoff hunt in the newly designated AFC Worst, rooting for Indy to beat the SD Backpeddlers (which didn’t happen).

Jay Cutler gains some locker-room points by playing hurt, yet another Bronco runner you’ve never heard of gains 100 yards, and all is well in Shanny-land.

Yet, uneasy lies the crown ” it seems the “genius” label has seriously slipped (see also: Charlie Weiss, Notre Dame), and the headhunters are sniffing around: Will 9-7 be good enough?

Can the Broncos reach the playoffs with a losing record at home? They need to win at least one of their remaining nondivision games (at home with Titans and Vikings, and at Chicago) and win in San Diego on Christmas Eve.

Maybe they could rent Matt Holliday for the holidays?

Judging from results of Sunday’s game, maybe the Broncos already have what’s needed.

Following the Detroit “disgrace,” the coaches and team received non-stop, ruthless criticism from “fickle fans” and expert advice from “know-it-all” Denver sports writers.

Perhaps that was incentive to live up to their potential. Winning only one game in Kansas City during the past five years presented an immense challenge, and they rose to the occasion!

To stay in the division title race, they simply need to continue what achieved victory against the Chiefs: smart coaching, relentless defense and balanced offense.

Dumervil’s three offsides were frustrating even though his sack on Huard produced Webster’s fumble-return touchdown, but his post-game quote really “made my day.”

“There’s blood in the water, and you’ve got to go after it.”

Maybe the Broncos should post that in the locker room, adding … “after the ball is snapped.”

I don’t think you can just single out one person for the problems the Broncos have had this year. They have been unfortunate this year to lose the majority of their starters to injuries. When that happens to a team it is really hard to come back and win games, especially when your team is playing in the AFC.

Everyone should know by now that the Broncos are not Super Bowl material; their goals should be to get healthy and try to win a couple of games before the end of the season. Hopefully that will lift their spirits for next year.

Look no farther than the animated classic South Park for the answer to the Broncos’ thus-far enigmatic, up-and-down 2007 showing.

In the show’s most recent episode, little Stan Marsh encounters quarterback Jay Cutler at a party and busts out a hilarious greeting: “Nice to meet you. I mean, you kinda suck, but my dad said you might be good someday.”

A little harsh on Marsh’s part, but true. Cutler remains an unrefined quarterback. This is perfectly understandable, though, considering he’s only a second-year guy. It’s sad to see his sophomore regression, but I agree with Stan’s dad ” he probably will turn into a decent NFL quarterback.

I’ve always admired Travis Henry’s running ability, but his knack for injury (and legal trouble) was bound to catch up to him. I say bring on Selvin now. It will help not only my fantasy teams, but the Broncos, too.

The receiving corps is drained by injury and age, though I like what Brandon Marshall is capable of.

The Bronco defense has had its troubles as well.

Sunday was a good start, albeit against one of the weaker offensive teams in the NFL, but I’m afraid it’ll be an up-and-down, yo-yo type year the rest of the way. Typical of a young, rebuilding team. There’s no shame in that. It had to happen someday.

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