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Tilting at windmills

Dear Editor,

Recently there were two articles which were misleading, to say the least, and obviously written by people who may have come right out of the “Ding-a-ling Era” of the 1970s.

First, the commentary “We still have time to save what makes our West the West.” Followed by the “Reports: Renewable energy could be good for Colorado.”

The editor of Look Magazine once likened the “Ding-a-ling Era,” as to what sets it apart, as “a pronounced tendency on the part of Alice in Wonderland … and a disposition on the part of millions of other Americans to believe every preposterous word.”

Paul Larmer, an editor of High Country News, to be more convincing about saving the West should go back to the age of the dinosaurs. They were once very common in this part of the West, both carnivores and herbivores. I am sure that Paul would have cowered in his crude cave whenever he heard the rumble of their footprints.

But why should he be allowed to select just one particular short period in our history for something to reconstruct?

In the article on renewable energy, why should Rick Gilliam of the Boulder-based Land and Water Fund of the Rockies be able to erect high-maintenance, poorly productive, bird-killing windmills in your and my neighborhood to produce expensive power, when we already have adequate, cheap, dependable power available?

I can just visualize Rick Gilliam, an obvious throwback to the “Ding-a-ling Era,” building roads all over Mount Sopris in order to install and maintain windmills – thus replacing our cheap, dependable power with expensive and undependable power – as well as the ruination of our magnificent mountain panorama! (A mountain obviously very distant from Boulder).

Sincerely yours,

R.T. Moolick

Glenwood Springs

P.S. – Mr. A. Wells of Silt was correct in his letter. I did say that I would cancel my subscription.

However, with a dramatic change in the quality of editors I no longer felt that I needed to drop the newspaper. The current editor performs in a very superb manner, and I concluded that theoretically I was no longer dealing with the same newspaper. So, the paper actually did the cancelling!

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