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Time to put EARTH back into Earth Day

Right Angles
James Kellogg
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
James Kellogg

It’s time to put EARTH into Earth Day. The recent 41st observance of this media-sanctioned day revealed a glaring problem. Thanks to Earth Day Network, a primary organizer for Earth Day events, a primary theme is to blame American culture for environmental destruction and the pending doom of climate change.

We’re told to scale back our lives and change to compact florescent light bulbs as penance. Anyone who speaks counter to these assertions is insulted and ostracized.

Divisive political rhetoric must be purged from an intellectually honest approach to environmental stewardship. My proposed remedy is EARTH, an acronym for the key principles to foster the combination of a quality life and environmental well-being.

The “E” in EARTH is for Energy policy. A comprehensive energy policy centered on clean-burning, domestic natural gas is critical for the United States. Alternatives such as solar and wind should be accurately presented as supplemental sources of energy.

Federal and state governments must refrain from excessive regulation, as well as subsidies and incentives for any alternative. In an unhindered free market, natural gas will emerge as the plentiful and affordable choice. A sustainable energy future for America is a clear benefit to our environment.

In my acronym, the “A” stands for American liberty. The Constitution of the United States provides for adequate but limited government authority. Liberty has enabled the citizens of our nation to harness ambition, ingenuity and economic freedom to develop an unsurpassed economy.

We cannot allow government to expand its powers beyond Constitutional limits with laws and excessive regulation that strips our freedoms. Beyond the threat to liberty, such actions are economically unviable. Only a free and prosperous nation has the means and desire to address environmental issues beyond everyday needs.

Resource development is represented by the letter “R.” The United States has vast resources ranging from timber to coal, and they must remain accessible. Responsible development of these resources is imperative to revitalize American manufacturing.

Our consumer-based economy is sagging under the crushing weight of debt. Domestic natural resources can provide American companies with a competitive edge in a global market. It takes profitable businesses to combine valuable products and services with ongoing environmental stewardship.

The most important letter in EARTH is “T,” as in Trust in God. References to a higher power are absent in the Earth Day mantra. In truth, faith in God is the ultimate platform to promote a healthy environment.

When we recognize God as the Creator, we accept that he is the only constant in the universe. Climate fluctuation is as natural as the changing of the seasons.

Conservation and cleanliness are important. But we must accept the inherent limitations of human control and understanding. Environmentalists don’t have all the answers.

Fortunately, diligent implementation of the first three EARTH principles largely simplifies stewardship of the Earth to letting God’s plan play out. It’s not a sin to wisely use the bounty of this planet to improve the condition of the human race.

An “H” for Honest dialogue is the last letter. Conservatives and liberals have the right to voice opinions and ideology without being castigated. Skeptical thinking leads to profound discoveries.

The problems of our world are rooted in more than corporate profits and American society. When the blame game is replaced by a solid commitment to education and enlightenment, the symbiosis of economics and environment are undeniable.

I’m a realist. Earth Day Network probably won’t incorporate my EARTH principles in Earth Day. But it does make you wonder. If such common sense is cast aside, what are the environmentalists really after? Maybe it’s freedom.

“Right Angles” appears on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. James Kellogg lives in New Castle is a professional engineer and founder of LiberTEAWatch.com and WriterBalm.com. Contact him at jamesdkellogg@yahoo. com.

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