Tiny homes company in Silt makes a big impact

Brody, Dan, and Kenny inside Felicity, the model tiny home.
Katherine Tomanek/Post Independent

Frontier Tiny Homes, a family business in the quaint town of Silt, is a way to help the housing market, because so many people need places to live that are affordable.

The company truly is a family affair. Run by the Kelloggs, this includes brothers Brody, Kenny, Dally, Cardy and Rowdy, along with their parents, Susie and Dan.

The brothers have put forth the tiny home concept partly because they lived in a 36-foot recreational vehicle for eight years. 

“(It was) totally crazy, wild and insane,” Susie said of her family’s RV days. “But those eight years are something I will forever hold dear.”

She said the family learned about their consumption levels while living in the RV. 

“This consumption impressed upon them that living simply is living large, having things they cherished the most, they saw the cities, rural areas,” she said. “Life is more about living than living to pay bills. Living in an RV, you’re aware of water and how much you use because you have to fill up your tank.”

The brothers wanted to apply those lessons to the homes they built, along with making those homes beautiful in their simplicity, and also how people can be comfortable in compact living.

“All these things put together made them realize that finding an alternative way of housing was the best way for everything and it came together,” Susie Kellogg said. “Mostly my son Dally is the one who came up with it and everyone just ran with it and I’m beyond impressed.”

Dan expressed confidence about his sons’ business venture.

Felicity, the tiny home floor model on the Kellogg property in Silt.
Katherine Tomanek/Post Independent

“One of my sons first approached with the idea — they built a cabin, afterward they realized they had the skillset to do it,” he said. “They loved doing it, loved the finished product, they could put their heart and soul into it, they loved the woodworking.”

He also said they lived in Glenwood Springs for about 21 years before they traveled in the RV, renting the house they’d lived in to other people. In 2021 they moved to Silt, into a place with space to build outdoors. 

“They’re making things for affordable living and wanted something they could live in as well. It’s a good business opportunity, and there’s a lot of young adults in the same situation they’re in, like dating or getting married, and buying a home is out of reach for these people,” Dan explained. “Do you leave the Valley to start a family or is there an alternative?”

On average, a tiny home price is $130,000. Labor costs have gone up, from trailers to lumber costs, so their margin is quite small, Susie said. 

Frontier Tiny Homes is exactly that: making homes that are tiny for anyone, because they want them to be affordable. The family encourages the public to set an appointment to come look at their floor model, Felicity, and get a firsthand experience of their craftsmanship of quality materials. 

Felicity is made out of cedar, is 38-feet long and has two floors. Tiny homes are mobile, but they’re not RVs or considered as a mobile home. 

For anyone looking for a tiny home from the Kelloggs, go their website,, and either submit a form on the website, call (970) 404-2333, or email, both of which can also be found on the website. 

Inside Felicity, the tiny home floor model, showing the second floor.
Katherine Tomanek/Post Independent
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