Tips for Lyme disease prevention |

Tips for Lyme disease prevention

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and the Lyme Disease Foundation is offering tips this season to avoid infection.Lyme disease is a mild-to-serious bacterial infection that can affect people of any age, color or medical condition. The key to avoiding the disease is prevention. When going outside, the Lyme Disease Foundation suggests: • Wearing white or light-colored clothing to see ticks• Tucking shirts into pants, and pants into socks• Applying bug repellent• Checking for ticks everyday – if a tick is found, remove it with fine-point tweezers• Protecting and checking petsIf bitten by a tick:• Grasp it near the skin with fine-point tweezers and pull the tick straight out• Clean the bite area with antiseptic• Save the tick in a pill container in case your doctor wants to test it for Lyme disease.• Remove ticks properly and immediately – the longer they stay attached, the greater the chance of infection. Putting petroleum jelly or nail polish on a tick will not make it fall off.For more information about Lyme disease, write to: Lyme Disease Foundation, One Financial Plaza, Hartford, CT 06103 or call 1-800-886-LYME.

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