To be or not to be |

To be or not to be

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to Jack Gilbertson’s comments and letter ‘Healing starts with us.”

I agree with the “to-do list” and what may be part of a solution. And yes, our society plays the blame game and also offers the “right” solutions for any situation, which includes the exclusiveness that comes from organized religions. I am not opposed to the church, nor to what it represents but, I find that each and every one of us is trying to stay afloat on this ocean of life and the buoy we need is “to be.” To be kind to our fellow man, regardless of race, creed or color, and have compassion, forgive and share our love without the requirements with which we so often associate in being a nice person.

I read that if we all attend church and pray, our nation will be healed. Yes, these good works support our buoy but, when we are all bouncing about and there are some who are non-Christian, do we throw them overboard and make room for the righteous?

Just wondering and wishing that each of us, beginning with myself, make right with our lives and with others. I am thankful and I am working on awareness and patience. I see each moment as an invitation to be my best. I am not waiting for anyone else to get his or her act together. I continue to pray and visualize my life as an opportunity to employ any tools of well being I may have. Can I “love” with my head and “think” with my heart?

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” Marianne Williamson

Annig Agemian Raley

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

In these trying times, this may seem like a trite or trivial thing; however, having our birdhouses taken from the front porch of The Property Shop recently may point to a larger problem looming in our community.

Our office is located on Grand Avenue, where the lighting is good and traffic flows continually. Sometime one evening, about two weeks ago, seven cute birdhouses disappeared from our very visible front porch.

At first we were puzzled and even had a few laughs, and thought surely someone was playing a joke on us. We were sure they would reappear in a few days. They have not. We reported the theft to the police, who have been very helpful, but they have more pressing problems to handle.

The value is not great monetarily, but how do we put a price on feeling secure in our town? So, to whom this may concern: seven little birdhouses stolen ” we can’t imagine what the value is to you.

Please return our birdhouses to our front porch the same way you took them. They represent us finding homes for everyone. Remember, “every little birdie needs a home.” A reward is offered, and if they are returned anonymously, the reward will be donated to The Advocate Safehouse Project.

Hopefully, we will find this is a joke, and someday we will all have a good laugh.

Kathy Westley, Marianne Ackerman, Mogli Fairbanks, Manette Anderson,

Amy Luetke, Marci Pattillo

The Property Shop

Dear Editor,

We keep hearing that if we don’t pass C and D, the kids won’t have a school to attend, the hospitals will be shut down, the state government will be bankrupt, the seniors will all be out in the streets, and the roads we drive on will disintegrate into nothing. Consider this: The TABOR amendment was voted in by the people of Colorado in 1992 in hopes of causing the government at all levels to be more sensible about their spending. If there is such a shortage, why do the government controllers keep appropriating more money for so many things? The Daily Sentinel, on Sept. 22, reported “Lawmakers approved more funding to remedy the states $200 million welfare benefit system. This will hire nine more people to run it for a half year.” How does that benefit welfare? Besides, it is our tax money that pays the bill for welfare. A story in the Post Independent, on Sept. 22, stated “Mountain Family Health is funded by tobacco money. Colorado will receive $2.6 billion of the $246 billion settlement.” Does this sound like C and D need to be passed? This is YOUR tax money that is being wanted. Don’t you think the government is already getting enough of your money? Vote NO on Refs C and D.

Jan Walker


Dear Editor:

I watched a very frightening event on television recently. No, it wasn’t post-Katrina clean up; no, it wasn’t pre-Rita evacuations; no, it wasn’t another psycho Islamist blowing up a bunch of kids; no, it wasn’t psycho Phil Donahue proclaiming that psycho Cindy Sheehan is a patriot; it was Jay Leno on the Tonight Show quizzing three young people, two gals and one guy, about some past and recent events in American history.


Not one of them knew who fought in the Civil War, let alone who won.

One young lady who claimed to be a history major thought it was the east fighting the west. I think she confused it with football.

When shown a picture of Laura Bush, not one person knew who she was, although the young man thought she was Bush’s sidekick. Whatever happened to “wife”?

When shown a picture of Al Gore, not one knew he was a former vice president. Two thought he was a professional golfer.

When shown a picture of Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Great Britain, no one knew who he was, although the young man though he might also be Bush’s sidekick. Oh no, not another sidekick.

None knew the words to the national anthem, although one did recite a few lines from the Pledge of Allegiance.

Frightening? My God, it is much more than that. It is a disaster.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Glenwood Springs City Council ” how about at least considering some “tax-calming” measures instead of a tax increase? Maybe some planters in council chambers with headstones for taxpayers instead of flowers? And/or a bike path around the gorgeous city hall building, so that before every spending vote you could do 20 laps or so to “calm down?”

Or why don’t we actually investigate the possibility of reducing the size and scope of city government ” the administrative, internal budget of the city? You know, the size of your bureaucracy, compensation levels, benefits, productivity, and competence even.

Trim the fat, so to speak, but of course, the first step here is to admit you have it. For a no-brainer, you could start with the police department, but I’m afraid we’re talking a meat cleaver here. And, Terry ” the function of fines is not to raise revenue.

There are management consulting firms (the dreaded private sector, of course) which analyze government operations and compare budgets/expenditures for similar size municipalities and other government entities. They look at those areas mentioned above, as well as where not to put fire stations, speed bumps ” really difficult decision-making like that.

This will be tough duty for a city council with so little credibility that candidates won’t even come forward. Historically, the Glenwood City Council has been the laughingstock of Garfield County municipalities. Even with competitively elected members. So what now? Even more unexamined members. And always with an agenda to “help” us all.

Katy bar the door. Not very “calming.”

Bob Richardson

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I found it disappointing to see that Tresi Houpt is so strongly endorsed by Bob Millette, the chair of the Roaring Fork Group Sierra Club.

Now there is a radical group, who, as long as they and their families remain toasty in the wintertime ” could care less what happens to the average American.

We are a great nation because we have developed our natural resources.

These radicals want to block everything that has made this country great.

Richard T. Moolick

Glenwood Springs

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