Today’s column: Are you ready for some kickball? |

Today’s column: Are you ready for some kickball?

April in Glenwood
April E. Clark
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado ” The red rubber ball rolled slowly toward me, kicking up dust into the cool Colorado night as it neared home plate.

Time to bring my A-game.

Not so easy considering I was wearing generic moon boots one size too big. But I was ready to give it my best shot.

Heed the words of Pat Benatar and fire away.

Kick it old school.

My sweaty palms, and the moon boots, took me back to 1982. That’s when kickball was the coolest playground game at New Palestine Elementary School. Sure there was dodgeball ” my least favorite game because I hate being hit with fast-moving objects ” four square and tetherball. But kickball reigned supreme.

A quick Google search shows it still does. And it’s not just for kids anymore.

The World Adult Kickball Association and the National Kickball Association actually exist, for all those nonbelievers.

Thanks to YouTube, this revolution will be televised.

I don’t necessarily recommend wearing oversized moon boots to play kickball. Unless they provide a thick-soled kicking advantage to your strategy. But I advise any adult with enough friends or co-workers to dress retro and pull together a game. Especially when celebrating a birthday you secretly wish was marking 26 instead of 36.

Some of us need to regress to progress.

Playing kickball for the first time in double-digit years was like stepping back in time. Of course the totally awesome ’80s attire helped me to visualize. One kick of the red rubber ball and my turtle-speed dash to first base transported me back to childhood. That’s when Smurfs, smelly stickers and roller skating consumed much of my social life.

Who didn’t love being a kid in the ’80s?

OK, maybe those child TV stars who had to work all the time and miss out on the fun. Gary Coleman sure was a hoot, though. And Ricky Schroder … What a hottie.

Like an episode of ABC’s “Wide World of Sports,” my birthday kickball game captured the “thrill of victory. The agony of defeat. The human drama of athletic competition.”

And a talented crew of individuals who can run and field, beer in tow.

The agony of picking teams was as difficult as I remembered. I didn’t worry about being picked last because it was my birthday and I was a team captain. But that’s no easy out. Having your friends line up in front of you as they yell, “Pick me! Pick me!” is not easy on sensitive types. And not choosing a friend can result in much trash talking from the mound and blocking of home base as runs are scored.

You know who you are, Jono.

I honestly haven’t seen that many adults have so much fun since “Macarena” hit it big. Hey that song-and-dance masterpiece wasn’t the longest running No. 1 debut single in American music history for nothing. I’ve seen its magical powers take hold on many a cruise-ship dance floor.

Even a guy with two left feet wearing moon boots can pull off that dance.

With all those pesky bills, failed romantic relationships and random gray hairs, adulthood can be tough enough. So why shouldn’t we take the opportunity to release our frustrations by breaking up into teams and playing some kickball? Relive childhood, even if it’s only for a few hours a week.

Kick it old school.

Let’s start a grassroots effort for Friday night kickball (must give Kendra credit here), like it’s done in Denver. According to its website, the Western Alternative Sports Association started with “four adult kickball teams competing for the coveted ‘Golden Keg.'”

Now that’s the spirit.

Well I’ve got spirit, yes I do, and I say we follow suit and add some fun to being a grown-up around here. Start kicking red rubber balls instead of merely kicking and scratching our way through this recession. Take all that stress related to rising gas prices, lack of affordable housing and global warming concerns and recycle it into a home run. Maybe a grand slam.

Kick it old school.

Even in moon boots.

April E. Clark would like to acknowledge the amazing grilling skills of Anthony Fox, who cooked up the pre-game, energy-boosting hamburgers and hot dogs that led the Rock of Love team to total kickball domination. She can be reached at

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