Today’s column: Dependency leads to control |

Today’s column: Dependency leads to control

One of the interesting things about this human life is that we start out very dependent, beginning with conception. It takes several years to reach self-reliance, but in many instances during life some people are reduced by injury or illness to a state of total dependence, and we often end life the same way.

We start out in diapers and often end up in diapers.

I believe that the real measure of a successful life is how soon one transitions from dependency to being a major contributor to life and how long we can sustain that productive life.

There are different facets of dependency, which are inextricably intertwined. First and most obvious, is the physical dependence, but tied together are cultural, social, economic and spiritual dependencies.

Growing toward physical independence involves the basics, such as learning to go to the bathroom, feed ourselves and get dressed. Then it’s wash your own clothes, cook your own food and eventually house yourself and meet not only your needs but help to provide for others.

One of the transitions is financial. Remember when you received an allowance? Then came the expectation that you would provide some service in return, such as cleaning or mowing the lawn.

Then you figure out how to get paid for mowing the neighbor’s lawn, and you are on your way to financial independence.

Gradually you learn about taxes, insurance, payments and utility bills. The pressure mounts, and the bondage returns.

Just when you are getting desperate, someone comes up with a great idea. Why don’t we just get Daddy Government to give us an allowance? Wouldn’t that just set us free to indulge ourselves at someone else’s expense, just as we did as teenagers?

But wait a minute! Where does Daddy Government get his money? He just prints it, doesn’t he? Then there is the issue of control. You get free from parents’ control and suddenly discover that now Daddy Government has control.

There have always been individuals who seek to control others. Some parents want to always retain control of their offspring. All governments want to control the citizens. Many religions develop a set of rules and “beliefs” to control the constituents. Gangs exert control over their members. We trade our freedom for dependency.

A Native American friend and I were discussing the benefits such as free college tuition that Native Americans can receive. He stated that he personally did not want anything he did not earn. That is the true American spirit. That is what the pilgrims felt when they left Europe to find freedom.

One of the worst concepts in today’s culture is the idea of entitlement. The really great concepts are responsibility, industry, productiveness and integrity.

A strong nation does not consist of a bunch of immature adults demanding an allowance. How many people today want freedom badly enough that they would drive a team and wagon into the wilderness?

If a pioneer came here now and set up a homestead, he would be slammed. Social services would seize his kid. Planning and Zoning would slap him with a stop work order and require several thousand dollars in application fees. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) would fine him for unsafe work conditions. County weed control would be on his case, and he would be fined for air quality because of his wood stove. The Department of Wildlife (DOW) would arrest him for living off his land. His neighbors would complain to the homeowners association. He and his wife would starve or freeze before the applications could be processed, unless of course they are living at taxpayer expense in jail.

When the terrorists blow up your city, don’t come running to me. I’m not approved for more residents.

Give us free from!

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