Too old to trick or treat? |

Too old to trick or treat?

Out ThereStina SiegPost Independent StaffGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

When Halloween is good, theres nothing like it.The feeling of hitting the streets in your costume, going from house to house, meeting all those people and bagging all that candy is a rush for which I dont think theres any replacement. I remember how invigorating it felt to come back home with all my loot and spread it out on the living room floor. I proudly sorted those pounds of sweetness and hoarded all the good or rare stuff the Butterfingers, the Watchamacallits, the whole bars of anything. I recall feeling downright offended by some of the bad candies. Who would eat a Good & Plenty or Circus Peanut? I probably asked myself, before sequestering those terrible offerings.I was a sophomore in college, by the way.I know that most people tend to give up trick-or-treating around 11 or 12, but I never subscribed to that philosophy. It seemed like too much fun to let go. Even in high school and college, I never had trouble finding someone to come with me, either. And no one ever refused me candy. I think its because I came to the night with absolutely no sense irony or sarcasm. I just loved it, and like to believe it was that innocent outlook that swayed people.The fact that I looked 13 into my early 20s probably didnt hurt, either.In more recent years, though, Ive decided to reel it in. After I left my anything goes hippie college town, acting like a youngster just didnt feel appropriate anymore. But I did miss it. My first Halloween out of school, I was in Portland, Ore., and as I saw the sparse groups of kids walking in costumes through the city, I was so sad I couldnt join in. The next year, in Silver City, N.M., I was taking pictures for my paper and feeling the joy of the night vicariously through the little trick-or-treaters I was photographing. Last year, Id only been in Glenwood less than a week, and I spent the night reading a book and wishing I could somehow participate in the night.Tonight, Im not exactly sure what Im doing. I know there will be parties around, and I know theres tons of live music. Still, what seems more appropriate than anything is simply sitting at my house, giving out candies to kids. Ive never had a chance to just sit back and watch the parade of little ones dressed like princesses and puppies and Power Rangers. It sounds kind of fun.Though I know part of me will wish Im out there, too.

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