Torres column: Anyone can do things when life is great

Sandro Torres
Sandro Torres

Anybody can run a business when things are perfect, anyone can lose weight when life is perfect, anyone can achieve their goals when things come out just as planned. If life was a fairytale, everybody would have the life of their dreams.

The truth is that only those who are made to endure in difficult times are able to achieve their goals. 

When difficult times come, many people focus on complaining, and others focus on fear. Many others focus on “How can I improve myself, so I can help others.”

As the so-called pandemic is hitting the world, many people continue with their lives and improve people’s lives. They learn, exercise, work, eat healthily, make others feel safe, help others around them and continue with their goals. 

Complaining and living in fear simply won’t help. Where there is faith, fear is gone. Where there is gratitude, scarcity is gone. When we are concerned about the future, we get paralyzed, and when we focus on scarcity, we think about taking instead of giving. 

I know many people were not expecting these bad times, but the best thing we can do is live life to the fullest and work with what we have. Unfortunately, many people have lost everything that they have been working for all their lives. Other people don’t see the hope ahead, and many even committed suicide. Millions of people lost their jobs and can’t afford even a plate of food. 

However, many of us have more work than ever. Yes, true, many of us are facing difficult times, but others have it even tougher. 

Are you still working on your goals? Or are you letting this “pandemic” affect your decisions? Are you focusing on gratitude or scarcity? Are you faithful or concerned about the future? 

Look around and you will see how blessed we are. We are here in this world to make a difference. We have it better than others, and I know I can count on you to improve this world. Let’s make a difference in everyone’s lives today.

Reassess your dreams, your goals, your desires, your plan and everything you had in mind before this tragedy.

Get back on track, and don’t let outside circumstances affect your goal. 

Sandro Torres is owner of Custom Body Fitness in Basalt, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs and author of the books “Lose Weight Permanently” and “Finding Genuine Happiness.” His column appears on the third Wednesday of the month.

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