Town Mothers not living an `image’ |

Town Mothers not living an `image’

Dear Editor,

I might have been more amused with the depiction of my lifestyle by Laurel Lamont (Mrs. Eric Gross) as outdated and even fictitious, were it not for the mean-spirited tone of your letter.

I am, indeed, a mother of two. I hang my clothes out with clothespins in warm weather, bake cookies, make preserves and belong to a quilting group. I also commute to a professional job, volunteer at the local schools and maintain a large garden.

My lifestyle is not an “image,” as her letter suggests.

Rather it is a continuation of the lifestyles of the fine women who inhabited this town when I arrived in 1974. There was much to be learned from them in matters of mutual support, simple pleasures and self-sufficiency.

However, the point is not whether my mothering style is from the June Cleaver era. One does not need to be a mother, a member of the Mountain Folks or belong to any group to oppose the current design of the Crystal River Marketplace.

As a longtime, contributing member of the Carbondale community, I have paid my dues for the right to express my concern for the future of the town I cherish. My motives are not money-driven.

I have not, for the last 29 years, suffered from lack of “convenient shopping.” I have been able to find just about anything my family needs at Miser’s and the Near New. And, we are ten minutes from a Wal-Mart when the need arises, closer than most people who live in Denver. If I needed more shopping opportunities, I could live in a place that provided them, as well as the traffic, light pollution and congestion that come with the package.

Becky Young


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