Town of Carbondale’s website undergoes a content makeover |

Town of Carbondale’s website undergoes a content makeover

Carbondale’s website still goes by the same domain name, but now looks decisively different.

Branding its new look and offering numerous additions, the Town invites its residents and tourists alike to visit and explore

“Our new Town site translates into 104 languages. While electronic translators are imperfect, the web translation function will serve as one tool to aid in bridging language gaps,” according to a press release from the Town. “The new website also has the capacity to take public comment and provide regular email updates with an email address sign up.”

In addition, the new website’s homepage also features a news center that citizens may access to keep up to date with Town press releases as well as helpful information regarding Carbondale events.

“Citizens have the ability to submit questions or concerns directly to Town staff online via the Citizens Request Center,” the press release explained.

Notifications regarding emergencies and urgent public messages will emerge in a pop-up box immediately upon reaching the new site’s homepage too.

The Town invites citizens to provide their thoughts on the new website by offering comments through the site’s “Submit Website Feedback,” link.

Carbondale also invites citizens to stay informed by visiting its various Facebook and Twitter pages.

“It has a social media center, and the capacity to quick share information on social media outlets such as Facebook, twitter, Google plus, and reddit. Like us on social media and stay informed!” the press release detailed.

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