Transactions 1/8/04 |

Transactions 1/8/04

Seller: Leap Adventures LLC

Buyer: MCF Construction Co.

Location: Parcel B, according to the

plat of the lot line rearrangement

No. 2003-01, Rifle

Price: $58,000

Seller: Phillip G. Carmer and

Carole S. Carmer

Buyer: Linda L. Abbott and

Phillip W. Abbott

Location: 109 Lodgepole Circle,


Price: $33,000

Seller: Mary Ralph Lowe

Buyer: Pitkin County Development


Location: 0403 E. Diamond A

Ranch Road, Carbondale

Price: $122,500

Seller: Richard C. Holden and

Carolyn S. Holden

Buyer: Patty Mize

Location: 2639 Acacia Ave. #1-D,


Price: $41,500

Seller: New Castle Riverside Park LLC

Buyer: Wintergreen Homes LLC

Location: Lot 2, Riverside Park

Subdivision, TBD County Road

335, New Castle

Price: $1,050,000

Seller: Michel Pinchart-Deny and

Diane Marie Pinchart-Deny

Buyer: John Wilkie and Linda Wilkie

Location: 1⁄2 interest in Lot H39,

Aspen Glen, Filing No. 6,


Price: $0

Seller: Zhong Yi Yang and Onnie Hong

Buyer: James J. Adkins and

Kathy L. Adkins

Location: 53 Promontory Place,


Price: $274,000

Seller: David L. Cook and

Virginia R. Cook

Buyer: Carol J. Kramer

Location: 330 MelRay Road,

Glenwood Springs

Price: $300,000

Seller: Jonathan Reed and

Associates Inc.

Buyer: White River Village LLP

Location: approximately 1.58 acres

in T6S, R93W, SW 1⁄4 SE 1⁄4 Sec. 16,


Price: $143,500

Seller: Edward B. White and

Cherry White

Buyer: Edward B. White, Cherry

White and Steven D. White

Location: parcel in T5S, R93W,

Sec. 36 east of Highway 13 right

of way and up to 228 feet north

of SE corner, Rifle

Price: $0

Seller: Castle Valley Development LLC

Buyer: Judith Armstrong

Location: 149 Black Hawk Drive,

New Castle

Price: $78,500

Seller: Jeff S. Giard and Trudy L. Giard

Buyer: Thomas F. Moher Jr. and

Renee M. Moher

Location: 1020 Hickory Drive, Rifle

Price: $325,000

Seller: Jayne Valerie Marshall ” AIF

John German

Buyer: John J. Gredig and

Elizabeth P. Gredig

Location: 0980 County Road 245,

New Castle

Price: $340,000

Seller: EP Boundary LLC

Buyer: William T. Hoover and

Barbara G. Hoover

Location: 397 Boundary Lane,


Price: $559,000

Seller: Stefan A. Dag

Buyer: Stefan A. Dag and

Eva Alexandra C. Anwyl-Davies

Location: 0848 County Road 106,


Price: $0

Seller: Charles H. Willman ” Trustee

Darrel L. Reed Family Trust

Buyer: James F. Brannan

Location: 1⁄2 interest in a tract in

T4S, R91W, Secs. 35 and 36 and

T5S, R91, Secs. 1 and 2, Main

Elk Creek north of New Castle

Price: $500,000

Seller: Cinderbetts LLC

Buyer: Stewart Custom Builders Inc.

Location: 0479 Midland Point Road,


Price: $0

Seller: Todd R. Allen and

Carrie C. Allen

Buyer: Graham A. Reed and

Linda H. Reed

Location: 779 Garfield, Carbondale

Price: $294,000

Seller: Elizabeth A. Fuller

Buyer: Elizabeth A. Liggett and

Michael G. Algren

Location: 430 Wagon Wheel Circle,

New Castle

Price: $0

Seller: Mary Carolyn Odell

Revocable Trust

Buyer: Alberto Santana

Location: 1640 Lincolnwood Drive,

Glenwood Springs

Price: $420,000

Seller: David A. Axelson and

Bonny L. Axelson

Buyer: Ronald Lloyd Kellam and

Olive N. Sherman

Location: 12 E. Ridge Court,


Price: $263,000

Seller: Gregory T. Pelland and

Julia Pelland

Buyer: Jason Reade Phillips

Location: 651 S. 2nd St. #D,


Price: $192,500

Seller: Luis A. Chanes and James Lynch

Buyer: Robert Taylor

Location: parcel in T7S, R96W,

E 1⁄2 Sec. 23, two miles southwest

of Parachute

Price: $184,000

Seller: Land Discovery Inc.

Buyer: Cobblestone Neighborhoods


Location: Lot 35, Block PA4,

Castle Valley Ranch Subdivision,

Filing 3, New Castle

Price: $59,500

Seller: Richard Backe Jr.

Buyer: Barnabas Brown and

Jessica Brown

Location: 547 Jacobs Place,


Price: $175,000

Seller: Daniel Vavrina

Buyer: Daniel Vavrina and Hana Zich

Location: 1612 Greystone Drive,


Price: $0

Seller: Land Discovery Inc.

Buyer: Cobblestone Neighborhoods


Location: Lot 16, Blocks PA22A and

PA22B, Castle Valley Ranch

Subdivision, Filing No. 7,

New Castle

Price: $52,400

Seller: Carol J. Kramer

Buyer: Winifred A. Bond-Madsen and

Roger T. Madsen

Location: 67 Meadow Wood Road,

Glenwood Springs

Price: $385,000

Seller: Joseph J. Dvorak and

Veronica R. Dvorak Family Trust

Buyer: Zona L. Hays

Location: 1527 Blake Ave. #304,

Glenwood Springs

Price: $142,000

Seller: Land Discovery Inc.

Buyer: Cobblestone Neighborhoods


Location: 721 S. Wild Horse Drive,

New Castle

Price: $56,400

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