Transactions 2/5/04 |

Transactions 2/5/04

Seller: HRA LLCBuyer: Allen BallLocation: Lot 13, Rifle Business Park, RiflePrice: $125,000Date: Dec. 5, 2003Seller: Lava EEMML I LLCBuyer: Piney Valley Ranches TrustLocation: Six parcels of approximately 36 acres each in T3S, R87W, Sec. 9, Sweetwater LakePrice: $677,000Date: Dec. 3, 2003Seller: Warren K. Lenard and Josephine S. LenardBuyer: Roberta Jo WattLocation: T7S, R103W, SE 1⁄4 SE 1⁄4 Sec. 4, about 17 miles north of MackPrice: $20,000Date: Dec. 9, 2003Seller: William Kette Lamont and Jennifer LamontBuyer: Annette F. ChiappeLocation: Lots 6, 7 and 8, Block 5, town of CarbondalePrice: $295,000Date: Dec. 9, 2003Seller: Dianne Park IND & AIF Greg ParkBuyer: Michael LakeLocation: 1213 County Road 112, CarbondalePrice: $325,000Date: Dec. 4, 2003Seller: Richard Fuller and Brooke FullerBuyer: Richard FullerLocation: Lot 64, Ranch at Roaring Fork, Phase IV, Filing 3, CarbondalePrice: $0Date: Dec. 3, 2003Seller: Mark BallewBuyer: Basalt Group Holdings LLPLocation: Lots 1-7, Block 2, Center Development, SiltPrice: $0Date: Dec. 8, 2003Seller: XRB LLCBuyer: W. Kent JonesLocation: tract in T7S, R88W, Sec. 34, Carbondale Price: $0Date: Dec. 10, 2003Seller: Mountainview Building Specialties Inc.Buyer: Mark C. Gould and Mary A. GouldLocation: Lot 21, Westbank Ranch Subdivision, Filing No. 1, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $275,000Date: Dec. 4, 2003Seller: George M. Christensen and Linda L. ChristensenBuyer: Kenneth Hunt MangumLocation: 1542 E. 12th St., RiflePrice: $300,000Date: Dec. 9, 2003Seller: Mountainview Building Specialties Inc.Buyer: Royal Mini Storage LLCLocation: 6136 County Road 335, New CastlePrice: $230,000Date: Dec. 10, 2003Seller: Nancy S. Kuhrik and Marilee KuhrikBuyer: Barry B. Cox and Donna C. CoxLocation: 33 Ptarmigan Drive, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $369,000Date: Dec. 3, 2003Seller: Studio 3 Land Co. LLCBuyer: Christopher K. SimsLocation: 1766 Stocton Road, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $239,900Date: Dec. 5, 2003Seller: Mountainview Building Specialties Inc.Buyer: Mark C. Gould and Mary A. GouldLocation: 75 Buffalo, CarbondalePrice: $200,000Date: Dec. 4, 2003Seller: Roc A. Gabossi and Mary Ann GabossiBuyer: Michael Anthony Hefferon and Melissa A. Gabossi-HefferonLocation: 1125 Palmer Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $310,000Date: Dec. 10, 2003Seller: Judy SpasserBuyer: Robert ChatmasLocation: Lots 15-18, Block 14, Ballard Addition to the town of SiltPrice: $0Date: Dec. 11, 2003Seller: Erma Louise Gross and Loveda B. Emerick Revocable TrustBuyer: Brian Thomas GrishamLocation: 1079 County Road 129, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $0Date: Dec. 3, 2003Seller: Laurie J. Cliff and Jeffrey W. CliffBuyer: David L. Johnson and E. Carter M. JohnsonLocation: 1450 Grand Ave., SiltPrice: $123,000Date: Dec. 10, 2003Seller: Grand Valley Ventures I LLCBuyer: Sean MelloLocation: Lot 43, Mesa View Estates, SiltPrice: $57,000Date: Dec. 10, 2003Seller: Joi Hope and Dale HopeBuyer: United States of AmericaLocation: approximately 0.26 acres in T5S, R92W, N 1⁄2 NE1/4 Sec. 8, Rifle GapPrice: $0Date: March 17, 2003Seller: Cobblestone Neighborhoods LLCBuyer: Andrei L. Kolobakhine and Elena Y. KolobakhineLocation: 700 N. Wild Horse Drive, New CastlePrice: $309,900Date: Dec. 12, 2003Seller: Susan K. GordonBuyer: Robert M. MacAulay and Janette R. MacAulayLocation: 904 Oxford, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $645,000Date: Dec. 12, 2003Seller: Dallas G. Todd and Jacquelyn ToddBuyer: J. Ascension Gonzalez LozanoLocation: 1354 Anvil View Ave., RiflePrice: $190,000Date: Dec. 10, 2003Seller: Vernon D. Hope II and Leslie A. HopeBuyer: United States of AmericaLocation: approximately 0.77 acres in T5S, R92W, N 1⁄2 NE1/4 Sec. 8, Rifle Gap Price: $0Date: April 11, 2003Seller: Bill R. Deem and Jean N. DeemBuyer: Linda A. Davis and Michael J. DavisLocation: 0537 Midland Point Road, CarbondalePrice: $490,000Date: Dec. 1, 2003Seller: Deerfield Park LLCBuyer: James W. Welker and Jo Ann WelkerLocation: 394 Evergreen Drive, RiflePrice: $198,500Date: Dec. 11, 2003Seller: Eric S. Brendlinger and Patricia P. BrendlingerBuyer: Stacie Butow and Susan Lee McAvoyLocation: 1015 Bennett Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $185,000Date: Dec. 9, 2003Seller: Sean MelloBuyer: Edward Joseph AragonLocation: 1315 Standing Deer Drive, SiltPrice: $62,000Date: Dec. 10, 2003Seller: Lakota Canyon Ranch Development LLCBuyer: Michael A. Litchko and Rafailita N. LitchkoLocation: Lot 31, Block H, Lakota Canyon Ranch, Filing No. 2, New CastlePrice: $85,500Date: Dec. 12, 2003Seller: QBL LLCBuyer: Wallace Edward CanterburyLocation: 19 Gamba Drive, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $265,900Date: Dec. 15, 2003

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