Tripping over tribute bands |

Tripping over tribute bands

April E. Clark
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
April in Glenwood

Life is a tribute of some kind, one way or the other.

Over Labor Day I found myself at Oktoberfest in Beaver Creek – one of the most uplifting places I could go. I’m with my parents and friends and the band starts to play a U2 song. I think it was “Sunday, Bloody Sunday.” I look up, and there he is.


Bono, singing “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” in Beaver Creek, Colo. I quickly remembered the chances that happening might be as unlikely as me meeting Mel Brooks. Although the thought, however unlikely, does have me thinking.

Would he consider making a “History of the World Part Five?”

Would he tell me dirty jokes?

Would he tap dance if I asked, nicely?

See, I unintentionally paid tribute to Mel Brooks there. I think everyone needs a hero, a person to look up to, a person to help take a different direction.

Say if I were really into The Edge, Saturday’s concert with the U2 cover band would probably have me giggling like a couple of 12-year-olds playing Mad Libs. I just learned Mad Libs is available for smart phones.

Makes a word geek like me proud.

I did find an attraction to The Edge’s role in that “Numb” song from the ’90s. But tribute bands based on the lives of famous musicians who aren’t even dead yet have a creepiness factor to me. Maybe it’s human nature to idolize those with talent.

Maybe we all want to be someone else.

That may be a line I heard in a poem at open mic night in Vermont.

There are too many tribute bands to name in 1,000 words or less. But a few came to mind as I was talking with Kendra. Of course there would not be tribute bands unless there weren’t an all-female rock band called Lez Zeppelin. They often play the Belly Up in Aspen, and I’ve never seen a show.

Mark that as a must-see.

I haven’t met a Coloradan who doesn’t know Super Diamond and will not hesitate to say how awesome the band is. Yet another tribute band I haven’t seen live, but can imagine vividly my reaction as “Forever in Blue Jeans” spills from the amps. Everyone I ran the idea for this column by agreed that Mini Kiss could not be left out of the conversation. Apparently I live under a rock because that’s another one I’ve missed in concert.

The Dr. Pepper commercial doesn’t count.

I have seen a mean Prince tribute band in Las Vegas. Of course Elvi are never hard to find. But I really like the idea of a Ray Charles tribute band. Maybe Ronnie James Dio. I know my brother would appreciate a Randy Rhoads tribute band.

And now I have “Crazy Train” on the brain.

I would torture all my friends and family by combining Def Leppard, Ice Cube, Ace of Base, Pat Benatar, Paperboy, The Go-Gos, and the band that sang “The Electric Slide.” At some point in life, I may or may not have played songs from those recording artists repeatedly. Repeatedly, enough times to push a girl to her early ’90s-rap limit.

I’ve seen a “Ditty” cassette tape launched from a apartment balcony with amazing speed and accuracy.

If I could create a band like Diddy does, I would make it a tribute to all oft-ignored bands worthy of tribute status, in the best variety show since “Hee Haw.”

Man that show was popular.

Instead of Super Diamond, what about Super Denver? A groovy tribute band to the man who makes everyone think Colorado when “Rocky Mountain High” comes on at the dentist’s office. The problem when that happens is I’m already sedated and have no feeling in my lips and gums.

That makes singing along nearly impossible.

And somehow I consider that a tribute.

April E. Clark would like to identify the U2 tribute band from Beaver Creek. Introducing Unforgettable Fire. She won’t forget. April can be reached at

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