Troops should know they are supported |

Troops should know they are supported

Debbie Loter

Dear Editor,

My dad, Cecil E. Simmons, served in the U.S. Marine Corps for almost 30 years. He went to Vietnam twice. Because of my age, I remember one of the times knowing there was a possibility he might not come back home alive.

However, what I did not realize at the time – in fact, not until many years later – was that many of our soldiers coming home were flown in at night because of the protesters. Things were thrown at them, etc.

When I did find this out, I was hurt and ashamed because all I knew was that my dad was obeying orders and might not come home alive.

I’ve heard soldiers are now asking news people if they will be welcomed when they return home, or will they be spit on. I think it may be hard for our soldiers to not take the anti-war protests personally, even if the protesters say they support the troops.

Do we have the right to march? Absolutely! Freedom to speak out against the war, it’s your choice.

But I don’t for one second want our troops to think that there are not millions of people here in the United States of America supporting and praying for them.

I, too, am proud to be living in America, land of the free. My thanks to the soldiers, men and women, who are helping us remain that way; at least that’s the way I see it.

Debbie Loter


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