Trophy homes at Red Feather are unlikely |

Trophy homes at Red Feather are unlikely

Emil and Patricia Cima

Dear Editor,

In one of their early ads, the proponents of Red Feather Ridge threatened the voters of Glenwood Springs.

The ad stated, “If voters reject the city’s plan, the county-approved plan will be aggressively pursued.”

Another ad states, “The county’s plan offers 57 2-plus acre lots, which could be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars each.”

Other ads try to scare us into believing that “57 trophy homes” will be built there.

Is anyone naive enough to believe that if the owner/developer of Red Feather Ridge, MidFirst Bank of Oklahoma, could sell those lots today for hundreds of thousands of dollars to a long line of people just dying to build their “trophy home” at Red Feather Ridge, that they would be spending all this time and money to get us to vote for the high-density zoning which was recently approved by the City Council?

Other ads try to give the impression that the city government is totally behind this project. Well, a 4-3 City Council vote is hardly an overwhelming endorsement. MidFirst Bank has only one interest at heart, and it is not the city and people of Glenwood Springs.

Send a clear message to MidFirst Bank and to the City Council. We want responsible growth and not uncontrolled urban sprawl. Vote “no” on Red Feather Ridge.

Emil and Patricia Cima

Glenwood Springs

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