True Value could have been a win-win situation |

True Value could have been a win-win situation

Dear Editor, I’ve shopped at True Value for more than 15 years. Everyone who works there is our neighbor. The closing has begun. So sad. It’s one place, but one place at a time, Glenwood erodes.I believe that this could have been a win-win situation. Kids with a school, district with land, valley with a central administration, Defiance in their bigger space contributing more to local nonprofits, kids with gymnastics, city with True Value generated sales tax, neighbors with jobs, all needs met. But no. This plan was enforced. Consequences reverberate today and over time. Over the years, Re-1 has talked the talk, but not walked the walk of conflict resolution support, win-win solutions, or community partnership. The attempted recall was not about two individuals. It was many voices continuing to shout that this administration and several school boards are not listening. Perennial issues voiced from Basalt to Glenwood including our Latino population continue to be silenced. Ignored.What happens to school board officials and administrators who become more and more exclusive and deaf over time? Our community will be worse, not better – because for these years, Mr. Wall didn’t foster win-win solutions or partnerships.Advocate for new district leadership with principled integrity, a tireless commitment to create those authentic community partnerships and open empowering dialogues. Advocate both for talking and walking the talk. This person is not in our district now. Be involved with decisions that affect our community and children. Let’s stop losing our community now. Cheryl CainGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,(This letter was sent to Sen. Wayne Allard.)Shame on you, Senator Allard, for voting against the McCain anti-torture amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill!The incidents that happened in Abu Ghraib, Baghram Airforce Base and elsewhere were not merely the work of a “few bad apples.” Rather, they were the symptoms of an unclear (perhaps deliberately unclear) policy from the top.If Congress fails to enact clear rules on how we handle prisoners, it will compound that failure of leadership. And if the United States does not state clearly and unequivocally that it abides by the Geneva Conventions, it will send absolutely the wrong message to the world at this time. Many Muslims, in particular, will read that to mean that the United States is no better than the autocratic regimes they suffer under. That will only further fuel resentment, hatred and terrorism. Slowly but surely, the American people are waking up to our country’s interrogation policies, and they are appalled. Mark my words, if the Republican Party doesn’t get out ahead of this issue and categorically repudiate all interrogation methods that contravene the Geneva Conventions, it will pay a heavy price in popularity.Dave ReedCarbondale

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