Trustees target Silt’s only motel |

Trustees target Silt’s only motel

The headline read: “Silt reopens door on lodging tax,” by Heidi Rice, Rifle reporter.The headline could have read: “Town powers zero in on sole business for revenue.”The Red River Inn is the only motel in Silt and is the trustees’ target.After the death of her husband, Zofia Bryjak inherited full responsibility for the the motel business. Evidently, having a dream of her own, Zofia beautifully designed and extremely renovated the inside and outside of her old building – giving the pride of ownership she desired and of which resulted in the best thing that has happened to Silt’s Main Street in a very long time.Did the town trustees see her vision and encourage her along the way? On the contrary, she experienced almost two years of constant town officials’ demands and unexpected surprises, which were continual and financially overwhelming, with still ongoing expenses and pressures happening beyond what a person can imagine.Dave Moore, a Silt trustee, originally proposed an occupational tax bill that would charge a $5-per-night lodging tax (solely geared toward the Red River Inn) and which would have resulted in approximately $40,000-$60,000 revenue from only one business in Silt. Did he consider this new revenue to be “a sole solution” to the town’s entire woes?Later, the amended $2.50 flat fee was approved and will be on the ballot, which could result in $20,000- to $30,000-per-year increased revenue.Zofia wrote a letter to the town trustees stating that Silt does not have the attractions or the amenities that other surrounding towns offer. Therefore, her customers are solely looking for lower-priced rooms. She said, “With this price hike, I would lose customers.” To know how extensive this threat is to her future business, no one can know.Considering his purposed $5 flat fee amended to a $2.50 flat fee, Dave Moore being obviously disappointed, was quoted as saying, “I still think we won.” Is he saying, “We did it to Zofia, and we won, victory is ours?” Does he consider himself at war with the citizens of Silt? Do you hear the greed? He continued to say, “I wanted more out of it.” “I wanted a bigger bill.” Should other businesses fear his next move?What other “I want”s does Dave Moore want?Should he be considering the wants and needs of all the citizens of Silt?Should he be reminded that the government is “for the people and by the people”?In regards to politics, a very good man once said, “Uphold the right, though fierce the fight.” Citizens of Silt, please uphold Zofia in her fight.Dorothy L. Marshall is Colorado native and a longtime resident of New Castle.Dorothy L. Marshall is Colorado native and a longtime resident of New Castle.

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