Trying to see through the government smoke screen |

Trying to see through the government smoke screen

Out on a Limb
Ross L. Talbott
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Some years back I had the privilege of sitting in a doctors’ home in Limbe, Haiti, and absorbing his wisdom. His was wisdom based on many years of experience and not just speculative.

Haiti is a country born in bloodshed. The indigenous Indians were annihilated, and a slave revolution that defeated Napoleon gave birth to the present culture. It is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, devoid of production except agriculture.

When I was there, a day’s wage was $1, if you had a job.

All night long you could hear the voodoo drums and chants.

The earthquake and current cholera epidemic brought back memories.

As the good doctor shared his experience and wisdom, I remember him saying, “Americans are incredibly arrogant in believing they can bring democracy (a representative government) to other countries.” His observation was that a successful representative form of government must, of necessity, be based on a culture that is predominately Christian.

The key values here that Christianity brings are the sanctity of life, personal and corporate responsibility, equality, accountability to God and trust in Him.

When these values are not present in a culture it is open to all sorts of dictatorial abuse, corruption and bondage of all types.

True freedom comes only when a culture’s leadership embraces a personal responsibility to the God of Creation.

When a culture invents its own sense of morality such as the “theory” of evolution, it justifies the killing of millions of the inferior people to purify the species.

It seems that we here in America are also on a path of self-destruction.

We have justified killing more of our own people to the point that we are far ahead of the Nazis.

We legalize mind-altering substances just so we can tax them.

We demonize profiling when in reality it is a natural and prudent technique of self- and corporate preservation.

Our “free” country is in a process of subjugating us all by regulatory agencies and taxing authorities.

They, the popularly elected officials, tell us what we can or can’t eat, where we can build, what we can build with and myriad other regulations.

Our government has created such a thick smoke screen that very few people can actually see through it.

Here is the latest sneaky (or snakey) move. The government has ruled that gasoline distributors are to pay property tax on all their signs (i.e., your local gas station).

Guess who will end up paying that tax? You’ll know it has gone into effect when your gas price goes up.

Is not property tax really hidden socialism? Call it a lease. You don’t really own it.

The government is systematically taking control of every facet of our lives at an increasingly rapid rate.

The legislature may vote to continue the Bush Tax Cuts, but the hidden taxes are increased and new ones are invented.

License and permit fees will be increased. Inspections will multiply, and the costs will go up.

We moved and set hundreds of mobile homes until someone figured it could be a source of government revenue.

Now inspections and licensed setters are required. Of course it did create some nonproductive government jobs, and it increased the cost tenfold to the homeowner.

Increasing government revenue at any level has now reached the point of depressing the economy, which subsequently decreases government revenue, which causes politicians to seek more sources of revenue to further depress the economy. Depression becomes oppression, which is the antitheses of freedom.

At the same time our leaders are denigrating Christianity, which contains the values and principles that made America great.

Which one of the Ten Commandments bothers you most – the one about lying? Or maybe stealing? How about, “Have no other gods before me?”

Take the Ten Commandments down. We don’t want to offend those set to destroy their own lives and our country with them.

If you get a lump of coal in your stocking, realize it’s your fault. What the heck – burn it in your stove for heat. Oh wait! Do you have a permit for that stove?

If you don’t have a permit it will be summer by the time it’s approved, and you won’t need the coal.

Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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