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‘Twelve’ takes simple solution

I’m not much for math, especially new math, so the formula in “Ocean’s Twelve” didn’t quite add up for me; I had to ask Dan what happened at the end.Turns out I had calculated correctly. The ending didn’t take an engineer’s mind to figure out; the producers simply solved a complicated problem by plugging in the easiest solution.I didn’t see “Ocean’s Eleven,” but it didn’t matter (except for the question I had at the end that I would’ve apparently known if I’d seen the first movie). Despite the large number of characters the story reintroduced (or, for some of us, introduced), I kept track of them without effort – mostly because the star power helped me link each memorable face with the personage.The plot seems straightforward enough – the casino owner thieves wronged in “Ocean’s Eleven” returns wanting his $160 million back, plus interest. He gives the crew two weeks to pull it off, or else they die.But like most caper comedies, this one has its twists, especially when a French master thief known as Night Fox slips into the picture.The time sequences and shots of characters jump around enough to keep any viewer on her toes, but a few times I just wanted to press fast-forward; the two hours waxes a little too long – no matter how rich the star pool and how charming the dialogue.One of the most entertaining sequences involves Julia Roberts playing a special role that allows yet another big name – Bruce Willis – to enter the picture.All in all, I’d recommend jumping into “Ocean’s Twelve,” even if you haven’t gotten your feet wet with “Ocean’s Eleven.” If nothing else, the faces are handsome (and, I suppose for men, sexy), and the chemistry works to steal the audience’s attention for a couple of hours.

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