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U.S. gets what it deserves in Iraq

Fred Stewart

Dear Editor,

The classic view of Republican ideology has come full circle with the advent of Gulf War II. In blatant terms, the United States wanted the war without responsibility. It was begun because Saddam was a pain to the world. This was justification in itself.

If Saddam’s accusers had no ulterior motives, then it begs the question: why not try some basic child psychology with him? What’s all this skulking around and talk of mysterious weapons, and then when the military cake walk was over, fail to fulfill basic human needs? This kind of behavior unchecked puts the United States in the kind of position it deserves.

The United States should go to the United Nations and apologize for its failure to come up with the plain simple truth: Saddam had crossed the boundary of civil society, and to defend human rights, we had a moral obligation to go. Never mind 9-11. The problem with straight talk is that many other areas of the world would demand attention. The difference is: Resources in the Middle East are vital to the world economy.

It is time to see that the moral tenure of the Republican Party is responsible to those beyond special interests. If we don’t hold them to an open apology to the U.N. for failure to pay dues and live up to tenants of the charter, then expect more of the same in the world. The bottom line: don’t start fights you can’t finish.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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