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U.S. has no right to attack Iraq

Josh Paizer

Dear Editor,

Revenge creates more revenge and the end result is moral chaos. I believe each and every human in this world wants world peace, but I ask: Is starting a war going to bring world peace, or is it just going to make the matter worse? War is not a small thing; therefore we should really take it seriously. It is very clear that United States should not attack Iraq because the United States has no right to start a war or invade a country now to determine its future. There is no justification whatsoever for any U.S.-led war against Iraq, under no circumstances, should President Bush take any military action against Iraq.

If we know for a fact that Iraq had a hand in what happened on Sept. 11, then we should take military action against them. The U.S. government doesn’t know for fact that the Iraq people were involved in it. So, the United States can’t use this excuse to take any actions. So, why start making up enemies?

Economically, the U.S. situation is not doing well because the budget is stretched anywhere, programs cut off and money is needed for programs. Basically, the stock market in the United States is not doing very well. Therefore, in this condition, it is probably not the best idea to be starting another war because it will cost so much, and it is just going to hurt the economy more. I also believe that Bush is trying to distract the people’s attention in the country from all the domestic problems that are taking place in this country.

Iraq has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. Bush and the vice president have been in the past part of the lucrative business of “big oil.” This might be the reason why they now want to attack Iraq. The United States is lacking the international support. We have also heard that they have the weapons of the mass destruction. The nuclear club is probably growing as I am writing. Also our war on terrorism should be against “Domestic Terrorism” as described in the U.S.A. Patriot Act signed in October 2001 by President Bush. This type of terrorism described in section 802 is characterized as being used to intimidate a civilian population, influencing the policy of a government by intimidation, or effecting the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping. In effect this is precisely the action that our government is taking against the government and people of Iraq. We are the domestic terrorists!

The reasons for war need to be thoroughly re-evaluated, and economic interests need to be discarded. Our plan to “attack them, before they attack us,” is a simple plan to escalate the situation and steamroll the public. We have no right to kill them, just because we fear they might kill us. There is no difference between our right to live and theirs if we truly believe the words of our forefathers. “All men are created equal,” and the racial prejudices involved with the military and the beliefs that they are inferior cannot be tolerated.

A great revolutionary of our time stated simply that, “The ends we use must be as pure as the ends we seek.” Our questionable means and morals would infuriate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and he would demand peacefully opposing these actions. It is our job as people in this democracy to question the government. That is, in fact, the only way a democracy can truly survive. Note the negative effects that interventions have caused, note the oil and economic interests we have in Iraq, and then demand that your government rethink its atrocious strategy!

Josh Paizer


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