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U.S. needs to become a law-abiding member of the world community

Dear Editor,

The United States has always had somewhat of a moral advantage in world affairs. The United States leaned toward democracy and human rights, and against aggressors. But that advantage is now being wasted.

The CIA taught torture in Latin America and other places. When Iraq was busy gassing the Iranians, the United States was silent. When the United States rescued Kuwait, they restored a dictatorship rather than create a democracy.

In the fight against al-Qaida, the United States does not treat their prisoners as prisoners of war, nor as criminals. Rather, they keep them blinded in open-air mesh kennels in Cuba. They prevent access by their consular officials or lawyers. This is all contrary to the Geneva Convention and other international law.

The only white American al-Qaida caught in Afghanistan was convicted in criminal court in the United States. But nonwhite Americans and citizens of Sweden, Canada, Britain, Pakistan, Afghanistan and others are just housed like dogs.

Now the United States is demanding Iraq adhere to UN resolutions on threat of invasion. But they don’t insist on the same compliance for Israel, which is violating more UN resolutions than Iraq is, and already has nuclear weapons.

Power has never been so naked.

Isn’t it time for the United States to follow its own Constitution?

Isn’t it time for the United States to regain the moral high ground as well as the military high ground?

Isn’t it time for the only superpower to become a law-abiding member of the world community?

Or will the United States continue to make enemies until the whole world is against them?

Tom Trottier

Ottawa, Ontario

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