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U.S. right to oppose international court

Dear Editor,

I’m concerned about certain aspects of the International Criminal Court which has been created and adopted by the United Nations. On July 12 the U.N. Security Council voted to exempt Americans from “war crimes” prosecution for one year. Please consider these factors about the ICC:

The Court would be permanent, not just convened for a short time to try war criminals.

This Court would exercise authority over American citizens.

The Court has no checks and balances or any supreme authority above it.

There is no right to demand a jury trial or to demand an accuser.

They are not required to advise anybody of their rights.

The Court would claim higher authority over U.S. citizens than our own court system.

The Court wants jurisdiction over the World Heritage sites designated by the U.N.

The Court would be comprised of countries throughout the world, some of whom do not have the best interests of the United States in mind.

Other nations would know that for the first time in history, the U.S. government has ceded its jurisdiction over to other governments.

The Court can prosecute anyone who violates United Nations treaties, including environmental agreements like the Biodiversity Treaty.

The documents of the Court do not include the right to self-defense.

The prosecutor of the ICC would have more power than any other prosecutor in the history of the world, answering to no one and in effect being a judicial dictator.

As you know, our Constitution gives rights to defendants and to the victims, assures that someone accused of a crime can face the accuser, and assures that a person who is tried for a crime can have a trial by a jury of his/her own peers. Please contact your legislators if you agree that the United States should continue to oppose this international court.

Joan Troth

Glenwood Springs

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