UGB move a wake-up call |

UGB move a wake-up call

Stephen Bershenyi

Dear Editor,

I admit it. It’s all my fault. I have just observed our City Council abandoning our Urban Growth Boundary without so much as a thank-you-ma’am.

I am a native of Glenwood Springs. One side of my family has been in this valley over 135 years and the other side of my family is celebrating their centenary in this valley. It’s my fault because I have done nothing to call a halt to the rape of my hometown by the greed and shortsightedness of developers and elected public officials who are willing to go to bed with them.

To all of you in my hometown who feel the same way, I offer an apology for my reticence. It shall not be so any longer.

The preponderance of people who spoke before council regarding Red Feather Ridge (read the Martino Ranch) were against the approval of this project and might as well have been talking to a wall with regard to Gillespie (no surprise), Vanderhoof (a disappointment), Emery (another unknown), and Merritt (who is he)? This last sentence belies my apology to all of you. I have not been paying attention and that is my fault alone.

What if all of us who disagree with such actions by our – yes, that’s “our” – city council stand up and be counted? Let’s get together and talk about recall!

We can start by banding together and demanding that our elected public officials really represent the citizens of our community, and not the narrow interests of the carpetbagger developer who shows up on their doorstep asking them to please make a silk purse out of an obvious sow’s ear of their own making through making a bad loan as a result of their own greed, a greed not even incubated within the boundaries of our fair city.

Let’s help ourselves by sending these elected officials their pink slips sooner rather than later.

Thank you,

Stephen Bershenyi

Glenwood Springs

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