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Understanding the enemy

Ross L. Talbott
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

A popular topic nowadays is speculating about the end of the world. Just when and how is this colossal collapse coming about?

Did the Aztecs or Incas have it figured out? Did ancient Chinese have some incredible insight? The History Channel is fascinated with the predictions of Nostradamus. They also spend endless hours speculating about extra terrestrials.

For some reason the media ignores or distorts the Biblical prophecies. The most obvious of these predictions is that the Israelites, after being scattered worldwide, persecuted and slaughtered would, in end times become a nation again. Well, that should turn a light on.

Biblical prophecy also said there would be wars and rumors of wars worldwide and nation rising against nation. It also said people would call good “evil” and evil “good.” It all seems to be coming about.

We have so called demonstrations happening in our cities. We have drone attacks in Afghanistan. Nations are dividing. Sunnis are fighting Shiites. National leaders are promoting the destruction of neighboring countries and suicide bombers are blowing up churches, mosques and government buildings.

It seems as though everyone has an enemy against which they must fight.

Who is the enemy really? What drives us to need an enemy?

On a personal level, some innate dissatisfaction causes us to search for someone to blame. It’s a rare individual who will stand up and take responsibility for their own unhappiness or failure.

It is hard to be objective when you are under the pressure of rejection or poverty. When you are feeling weak and disillusioned, a surge of anger gives you a feeling of empowerment.

Who is the enemy really? The Wall Street demonstrators are full of resentment, but are they attacking the real enemy? Are the investors who buy stocks to build a retirement fund the enemy? Are the corporations that provide the jobs and create all the amenities we enjoy the real enemy?

Maybe the universities that teach entitlement are the real enemy.

Is there a deeper enemy that is driving dissatisfaction for political gain? Who is the enemy really?

National leaders and dictators are also quick to identify an enemy to justify their failures.

The Islamic nations have found a blame target in the nation of Israel. They denigrate the Jews, claim their land, and justify continual rocket launches into Israel. They even deny the Holocaust. What a great diversion tactic.

The whole enemy issue is prevalent and complicated. To sort it out, you must start on a personal level.

First try to rationally understand what you are defending. Is it family, pride, ego, social position, religious beliefs or country? Is the best defense an offense?

Are you willing to die for the cause? You need to assess what lengths you would go to in defense of your cause. When you get all that sorted out, then figure out who the enemy really is.

Is “Wall Street” really the enemy, or is it capitalists, or maybe the Tea Party? Maybe it’s a racial issue and your race must win and dominate the world. Well, the Nazis tried that.

Maybe the enemy is the off-roaders who run through the forests and shoot animals. Maybe it’s the internal combustion engines causing climate change. Maybe the enemy is your wife and you can just shoot her and a bunch of other people. That should solve all your problems.

Well, so much for all the sarcasm.

Is it possible that the real enemy is more subtle, deeper and actually more dangerous? Could the Bible be right when it says, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers”? Is evil a reality and not just a misunderstanding? Is there a common source for all evil that lies beneath the obvious?

We need to be using the right weapons in the right battle against the real enemy. Can you afford to be wrong?

– “Out On A Limb” appears on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle, where he is a business owner.

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