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Unexpected moments are immeasurable

Just about a week ago the sounds of the city consisted of yelling, confetti popping, champagne opening, midnight kissing, happy New Years festivities.As you are reading this you are back at work or school being reminded of the consistent routine that you have been partaking in during the past year, otherwise known as your life. And now some teenager whose routine includes trying to be a journalist once a month, is wishing you a happy new year.What is so happy about sitting behind a desk working away or listening to the teacher remind you of the homework that was supposed to get done over vacation? While being reminded of this routine, please do not go irate and start yelling at your fellow coworkers or peers, reminding them of the past years struggles and setbacks you endured. Instead, why not focus on the fact that you have overcome those struggles and learned to move past the setbacks.Just a few days ago the only objective on everyones minds was to celebrate the coming of the new year, or the commencement of the past one. Now the constant reminders of the past year are the demise of most people.The uncertainties that the year provided, that life provided, continue to be dwelled upon. The unexpected always occurs, the sudden injury that leads to an overpriced surgery, the constant struggle to keep the epileptic dog from relieving himself in the house, the downfall of a relationship, the coming of a new crying, pooping, screaming, insomniac of a baby into the world, and the inevitable, someone very unique being taken from the world.The years always start out with celebration and remembrance, then develop into goodbyes and surprises, then the routines and everyday problems pile up like the dogs crap on the carpet.However, instead of being torn down and concentrating on the agony the year provided, why not celebrate the greatness of the unexpected? The injury provided comfort and endurance; the dog, even though mentally unbalanced, provides a comical relief; the relationship provided a chance to get to know someone; the presence of a new life, the celebration of a new life cannot be measured or downsized its overwhelming joy will always be present even if someone isnt and the unique individual can now dazzle the population of people who left this world before.During the holidays most are filled with excitement and anticipation to receive that gift or are intrigued with the element of surprise. The captivation most find in the process of gift-receiving is immeasurable, because of the fact that they are gaining something. Why cant life be taken as such? Unexpected occurrences are present everyday.Instead of dwelling on the gift that life is giving you, find the greatness in it.When Aunt Lilly sends everyone itchy sweaters covered with snowmen, one can either sit and gawk at the overbearing ugliness of the sweater, or convince your little brother or sister that the quality of the sweatshirt is worth at least $5 and should be worn all the time.The choices consist of gaining either an attitude that smells like the epileptic dogs defecation, or gaining $5 and the entertainment of watching your little brother or sister strutting around wearing the hideous sweaters.Lifes journey consists of only unexpectancy, a gift that life freely gives. It cannot be exchanged or sold to a younger sibling, it is completely your own and should be cherished.A senior at Grand Valley High School in Parachute, Nicole Loschke writes a column that will appear in the Post Independent once every month.

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