United Nations is best memorial to World War II

Fred Stewart

Dear Editor,

A war memorial for World War II could only be trite. The best memorial is in the prosperity that followed. If it’s a memorial, look beyond the United Nations building and into the working heart of the organization. That’s why building a monument in Washington, D.C., sounds so unnecessary. How could there be a more fitting memorial than the United Nations? Yet, we do need to flesh out an accounting of that time in history in the form of a memorial.

A World War II color documentary of the Pacific theater brought to mind what was so mysteriously powerful about the movie “The Pianist.” Despite the horrific devastation and knowledge of ethnic cleansing, the movie just focuses on one man’s success through it all. The power of the film is enhanced with understatements, poignancy, believable sets and stark color shots, reminiscent of surviving World War II color film. Ultimately, it’s humanity that triumphs. Well done.

What’s happened in the world lately? Authority begs for accountability when it should demand it. Enron execs, pedophile priests, adulterous pastors, sadistic dictators, professional prisoners, et. al., are loose. We pray that George Bush has turned the tide with the defeat of Saddam, and that ultimately, the world will be lead to a new beginning.

Forget the United Nations? It’s a living legacy of war. Forget the sacrifices of “The Pianist”? He represents all civilian survivors in war. A World War II memorial in Washington, D.C., would be trite without a full accounting. May it allow all to take in the whole picture to temper present and future times.


Fred Stewart

Glenwood Springs

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