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United States creating more terrorism

David Krest

Dear Editor,

Today while listening to BBC news

I began crying while driving down Wildcat canyon

The news was about children with rags to wear in the cold somewhere in Romania

It was about the Iraqi people fearing the American military creating more bloodshed in Afghanistan

It was about the U.S. government refusing to do the weapons inspection as demanded by the United Nations and as agreed to by the Iraqi government – the U.S. government obviously wants war, the news stated.

The United States of America is in deep

It is creating more and more terrorists at this very moment

If the so-called Powers-to-be, with George Bush as their fall guy, do in fact begin spending our gung-ho youths’ lives to destroy more life, the United States will have created even more terrorists

For terrorism is nothing more than a product of suppression and oppression

No military force, not even the worlds greatest being the United States can stop terrorism

In fact the stronger the military the smarter and stronger the terrorist – Sept. 11 is the master example – and the result being our floundering economy and flailing freedom

On the light side

We are becoming.

It is about accepting ourselves as an individual and caring for others

For only the individual can bring peace and not add to the pain of the world

There is no tomorrow

David Krest


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