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Unlocking potential is key to success

Manifestation is the biggest word I know. Not because it has five syllables, but because its meaning implies the power to create outcome, craft circumstance and shape perspective. The practice of manifestation has four steps: (1) simply becoming clear on what you want, (2) identifying steps that will help achieve your goal, (3) completing each step one by one until the reality is created, and (4) looking for signs that you are on the right track. Imagine a combination lock with a sequence of metaphorical numbers that must be strategically aligned for a path to be cleared and the outcome to be unlocked. It is that simple and it’s a great tool for people to learn at any age.

Manifestation starts with the premise that virtually anything is possible and that only you can unlock the true potential of what you are capable of accomplishing. Of course, as with most things in life, there are exceptions and limitations, but there are those who have overcome daunting obstacles and shocked the world with their seemingly extraordinary feats of success. Indeed, the world is filled with them.

Personal success coaches do this for a living. They help guide people to define their goals and then create a plan for achieving them. It’s a lucrative international growth-industry, designed around everything from finance and business to love and relationships. When it comes to raising a family, YouthZone has been helping parents and young people for over thirty years. There’s a coach out there for everyone, but the power of manifestation ultimately lies within each of us, and the best way to get started is to get clear on what you want.

When people become clear on their purpose, opportunities simply show up, creating breakthroughs ideal for accomplishing extraordinary objectives. Identifying what can be done and checking each off one by one creates unbelievable momentum – things begin to change before your eyes. Becoming conscious of signs that you are on the right track forces you to become hyperaware of the world of opportunity around you and constantly helps give you direction. A good coach helps to get you unstuck and back on your path, but the rest is up to you.

At YouthZone, we work with communities and families to help raise great kids – and we’ll work with over 1,000 young people and families from Aspen to Parachute this year alone! If you need help manifesting an improved life for you and your family, YouthZone is a great first call. Looking to feel like a more effect parent? Struggling to support your kids through their own challenges? Whether your child is flirting with delinquency, testing boundaries at home or in school, or struggling with drugs and alcohol, YouthZone offers over 30 different programs designed to help you and your family manifest the changes you seek. For more information on YouthZone’s parent and youth coaching programs, visit us on Facebook and online at http://www.youthzone.com or call us at 970.945.9300 in Glenwood and 970.920.5702 in Aspen.

Evan Zislis is the YouthZone Division Manager (Aspen-Carbondale)

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