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Ursa updates Garfield County on its operations in Battlement Mesa

Ursa Operating Co. updated the Garfield County Board of County Commissioners on its current operations in the Battlement Mesa PUD on Monday.

Over 50 wells were drilled at both the BMC B and D Pad, completing the company’s drilling activities for the first phase of its previously approved operations.

Phase II operations were approved by the county commissioners in November, and those operations will now begin, company officials said.

According to the Ursa report, completions have already begun on the B Pad, with over 50 percent reportedly done.

Ursa Operating Superintendent Matt Honeycutt said he anticipates being on location through the end of February. Once completions on the B Pad are done, Ursa will be moving to completions on the D Pad.

The company also updated the commissioners on complaints and inspections it has received during the quarterly report.

Honeycutt said they utilize the Nasal Ranger Tool on a daily basis during completion operations. Because of odor concerns, Ursa will not utilize open top tanks for the storage of water, he said.

According to Honeycutt, during the completion process recycled produced water has a nuisance odor. All water will be stored in fractanks that will remain closed, he said.

In 2017, the B and D Pad received 20 inspections from the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and two from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

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