Vaccines are questionable |

Vaccines are questionable

Dear Editor,

I would like to take issue with the group of doctors who denounced the Post Independent for its “irresponsible journalism” in printing a controversial statement about vaccinations, made by the Humorous Herbalist. I would like to applaud the paper for allowing freedom of speech by printing something that isn’t “politically correct.”

I am sure that if more space had been available to her column, Laurel Dewey would have documented her statement.

This statement made me start doing research on the Web about vaccinations. I was astounded by the amount of information that is out there, put forth by doctors, that not only questions the efficacy of vaccines, but also cites the dangers of and the side effects, short and long term, from the vaccines.

One, the Pertussis, has been withdrawn by Sweden because it didn’t prevent outbreaks, and because of the severity of its side effects, including brain damage. (See – “Vaccine Scene.”)

I know the doctors believe in their hearts that vaccinations are a good thing and are responsible for wiping out these childhood killers, but a chart in “The Role of Medicine,” by Thomas McKeown, shows how deaths from these diseases had already decreased by 95 percent before mass vaccinations started.

I would like to encourage parents to check out the Web site Dr. Mercola has many articles, plus links to other vaccination information Web sites.

Among the multitude of books available on the subject is, “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations,” by Stephanie Cave M.D.

Pat Ferguson


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