Vail Valley robberies, burglaries increasing |

Vail Valley robberies, burglaries increasing

VAIL, Colorado – Burglars from Vail to Eagle-Vail to Gypsum have found it’s not that hard to rip people off lately in the valley.

As many as 20 cars were burglarized in Eagle-Vail last weekend, said Eagle-Vail resident Pavan Kruger. In Vail, there have been seven home robberies since June – there were three burglaries there in the month of May.

Kruger heard her Eagle-Vail neighbors talking about their cars getting broken into and then realized she had been a victim too. She said the good news was the thieves were “very polite.”

“They didn’t really mess up anyone’s car,” she said. “They just opened my car and took out my iPod.”

Kruger said she felt stupid for leaving her car unlocked, but she has always felt safe in the valley and doesn’t usually keep anything valuable in her car. She said she also used to leave her front door unlocked.

“Nobody locks their cars around here,” she said. “I’m going to do it now.”

Electronics were the popular items stolen in Eagle-Vail, said Kruger. She said one neighbors had cash and credit cards in the car that weren’t taken – the thieves went straight for the electronics. Burglars looked for the same items in Gypsum car break-ins earlier this month.

The problem in Vail isn’t cars, it’s houses. Vail police have seen an increase in home burglaries since June, said Craig Bettis, Vail Police commander.

The seven robberies have happened from West Vail to the main Vail area the golf course, he said.

“It could be one person, one group, could be seven different suspects – we don’t know,” Bettis said.

Police are investigating a possible link because prescription drugs were the target in several of the robberies. The burglars in at least a couple of the cases went in specifically to steal medications, Bettis said.

The Vail robberies have been mostly apartments and townhomes. Bettis said burglars could see more opportunity there because those places are less likely to have alarm systems.

Bettis, like the sheriff’s office, wants residents to make sure to lock their homes and cars when they leave. He said it’s always good for neighbors to keep an eye out for each other.

“If you have an alarm, activate it,” he said. “It’s always a good option to have home security.”

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