Valley needs a newspaper that is fair and just |

Valley needs a newspaper that is fair and just

Russell Coletti

Dear Editor,

This will be my fifth submission in the last 10 months. Not one was printed. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

If I don’t see this letter posted I am going to consider (I’m not kidding) picketing in front of the GSPI for being prejudiced. Prejudiced of what you say? How about having an extreme case of political correctness. Maybe they don’t like Italian-American’s point of view?

Seems to me people like Sue Gray say what the Post Independent wants to hear. Is it because she’s a woman and the woman editor can relate to that? How about it’s her political leanings that get her all the print time?

I am hoping for someone to come into this valley and start up a newspaper that is fair and just. Who gives an honest and balanced point of view because we sure don’t have one now! What we have is the equivalent of the Iraq News Network, Al-Jazeera and the Arab Bee all rolled up into one tiny Village Voice.

I have my house for sale and plan on moving whenever we get a contract on it (with this economy you might still hear from me in the year 2008).

Why? Two reasons. I need a more politically friendly environment, the one here is a little too Martin Sheen-esque for me. No. 2, the Glenwood Middle School and High School (they have the left-wing disease, too) is not the place I want my kids educated. I realize this is great news for my friends on the left because it will leave open the possibility of a fresh new socialist to take my place.

What’s sad is that we have some wonderful friends who we will miss dearly along with the very friendly people of Glenwood Springs. I feel like a traitor in a way, because I don’t want take away a vote for my party here in Barbara Stries-land, but I have to do what’s best for my kids.

Russell Coletti

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: We have not published Mr. Coletti’s letters because they topped the letters length limit of 250 words, and he declined to shorten them. This letter tops the limit, too, but we decided to publish it anyway

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