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‘Vegas’ a romantic comedy for a lazy Sunday

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“What Happens in Vegas…”

Thee out of Four suns

To be honest, I have never been a big Cameron Diaz fan. She is irritating and entirely too perky. However, as a writer I try to go into a film without prejudice.

Diaz was good in this role, not that it was a stretch for the actress who plays Joy McNally, an uptight, recent ex-Ms. Perfect.

As a break-up recovery plan, she and her best friend decide to go to Las Vegas where Joy runs into Jack Fuller (an equally perky Ashton Kutcher), and they end up getting hitched in a drunken stupor. While the movie has a generally good feel and decently funny moments, no one in the theater was cracking up.

What I did really like about it was the supporting roles. Lake Bell is hilarious as Joy’s second in command, Tipper, and Rob Corddry (“Semi-Pro”) is equally riotous as Jack’s wingman Hater. The real gem here is when these two interact ” the scenes are explosive.

As far as romantic comedies go, this one is fine for a night with the girls or for a really lazy Sunday when you have nothing better to do.

New on DVD:

“P.S. I Love You”

Four out of Four suns

One of the most interesting themes in film is death and the way people individually deal with it. It seems we have a couple choices. Either we can go on a killing spree and avenge the death with more “justified” deaths, or we turn into a recluse and decide to never see the light of day again.

“P.S. I Love You” puts an fascinating spin on that logic. This film makes the decision that death is not only a process, but that the deceased has an intricate part in that progression.

Writer and director Richard LaGravenese (“Freedom Writers”), teams up once more with Hillary Swank as the grieving widow Holly Kennedy. Kennedy has recently lost her husband of nine years to a brain tumor and cannot seem to find any reason to move on. Then she begins to get letters from her lost love.

Every letter she finds holds the key to the next step of grieving her loss and moving on with her life. He sends her on trips and shows her how to pick up where he left her.

A dashingly handsome and timelessly rugged Gerard Butler plays Kenney’s husband, Gerry, in flashbacks. Kathy Bates, Harry Connick Jr. and Lisa Kudrow round out the cast as people who help her through it.

Everyone might not agree that this is a healthy way to get over a loved one, and I certainly had my doubts watching it. Yet, it is an interesting ride.

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Two out of Four suns

Amy Adams is Amy Adams no matter how you look at it. She was great to play the fairy-tale princess Giselle, but still got on my nerves by the end.

What this film needed to do was make the decision whether it was gong to be animated or not, because while I understand the logic in mixing the two, the willingness of disbelief flew right out the window when she is instantly taken care of in the city.

While Giselle is pretty and naïve, she is still a plate of crazy compared to any normal person. And let’s face it, psychos do not get picked up and taken home in New York City. Sorry.

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