Victim: shooting was an accident |

Victim: shooting was an accident

A Rifle woman hospitalized for gunshot wounds suffered during an argument with her husband Saturday has told police the shooting was accidental.However, Christopher Greer continues to face a first-degree attempted murder charge in the shooting of Nicolena Greer, and prosecutor Tony Hershey on Monday successfully requested that his bond be set at $250,000.”I think that Mr. Greer is a threat to the victim in this case and to the community,” Hershey told Magistrate Ruben Hernandez.As Greer stood with his head bowed and his dark hair trailing partway down his back, Hernandez told him the attempted murder charge carried a presumptive sentencing range of eight to 24 years in prison.Greer also is charged with first-degree assault, menacing with a deadly weapon and domestic violence.In a brief courtroom exchange, Greer took issue when Hershey described the victim has having been shot twice.”No, once,” Greer said.Hershey said later Monday that it was unclear how many times Nicolena Greer was shot. She had entry wounds and exit wounds in both her right arm and her right knee.In an arrest affidavit by Rifle police, several witnesses described hearing only one gunshot. A police detective said in the affidavit that it appeared Nicolena had been shot while lying on her left side and raising her right arm and leg to defend herself.However, she told police she was scared of the gun and kicked at it, causing it to go off.Then, when asked who shot her, she said her husband did.Christopher Greer, 26, told two relatives that the shooting had been an accident, telling his father-in-law, Charles Tarver, that it occurred when she hit the gun, the affidavit said.Nicolena, 24, suffered serious but non-life-threatening wounds in the shooting, which occurred Saturday afternoon at the Greers’ residence at the Rimrock Apartments. She told police she was shot after her husband accused her of having an affair. She said she denied the accusation and told him she wasn’t scared of him, and he then threw her onto a couch and told her she needed to be home when he got home from work, and to tell him where she was going. Then the gun went off, she said.The incident occurred after Nicolena had gone with two of the Greers’ four children, his half-brother and a friend to Rifle Mountain Park, and then returned home after Greer had gotten back from his job in the natural gas industry up Piceance Creek.Relatives of the Greers told police he was waiting for his wife while waving a gun in the parking lot of the apartment building, and then grabbed her from her vehicle when she returned and took her up to the apartment.They also described Christopher Greer as being angry that she wasn’t home when he had arrived.Nicolena and other relatives told police Greer had a history of temper problems. Tarver said Greer had waved guns before, and had assaulted Nicolena in the past, but had apologized and promised not to do it again.Greer previously lived in Louisiana. He told Hernandez he has lived in the area for eight months.Police arrested him at Grand Valley Medical Center in Rifle, where relatives had taken Nicolena after the shooting. She later was transferred to St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction.Hershey called the allegations against Greer “very, very serious.””Whether that was an accident or not, it was precipitated by him bringing the gun,” he told Hernandez.Hernandez ordered Greer Monday not to contact Nicolena or witnesses in the case. Hershey said some of Greer’s children had been present during the shooting. The children range in age from 2 to 6.Greer remains in Garfield County Jail, and asked Monday that a public defender be appointed to his case.

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