Virgili a model chamber executive |

Virgili a model chamber executive

Dear Editor,

Everyone in Glenwood Springs is impacted either directly or indirectly by tourism. What would Glenwood be like if suddenly there were very few tourists, and the pool, caverns, rafting companies, ski area, etc. were forced to close?

Can you imagine the stress if you were, to a great extent, responsible for our tourism business? And to do this for 20 years? Can you imagine trying to please 10,000 people?

What kind of traits would this person have to have? Maybe committed, determined, organized, caring, compassionate, loving, intelligent, understanding, empathic, and thick-skinned? Except for maybe the last one, these traits are exemplified by our incredible chamber executive, Marianne Virgili.

We have had the privilege of knowing her for almost 30 years. She always has a warm smile and a kind word. She is a model chamber executive. We are extremely proud of the many awards the Chamber has received since she started ” if you have forgotten, look at She doesn’t toot her own horn. She doesn’t have to; the success speaks for itself.

Glenwood Springs has been extremely fortunate to have such an incredible person taking care of our city. When you see her, please give her a smile and thank her for all her efforts. Whether you have always agreed with her or not, we can surely appreciate how deep her commitment has been. Also, we would like to thank her wonderful staff. Marianne, it has been an honor to have your friendship all these years.

Jim and Marolyn Cummins

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I have been dismayed to see accusations attacking the chamber’s marketing program without allowing the review process to happen. It is obvious that there are political agendas amok, influencing the comments as those making the comments are rushing to “be right” rather than “do right.”

Marianne Virgili has spent a substantial portion of her professional life supporting and promoting Glenwood Springs, and has dedicated many hours of commitment above and beyond to improve the community. Now over questions, no facts, you accuse the chamber of evil doings.

Glenwood Springs is better than this. This is not Washington, D.C., and we do not need this negative dialogue of accusations and pain to get things done. Respect each other, and if mistakes are made, correct the mistakes. Do not for one moment think you are fair to each other and your community to create a climate of distrust. You are better than this.

William Hanisch


Dear Editor,

I wanted to take one more moment of your precious time and reflect on a few of my encounters the last eight weeks.

I would first like to mention something that came as a total, but welcomed surprise during my solicitation for signatures for the recall of the District Attorney Colleen Truden. I have to say, when I was in my 20s, the last thing on my mind was voting. Not so, as I found out while pounding the pavement for signatures. Not only is the younger generation registered to vote, they are also well-informed on the issues. If they didn’t know a lot about our mission, they wanted to be informed before committing their signature to our petition. They earned my respect on more than one occasion.

Secondly, to everyone who signed and supported us, it’s my turn to once again say “thank you” for your support and confidence. Each and every one of you was kind and gracious enough to express your sincere gratitude to what we were trying to accomplish.

I remember the first time ” and many times thereafter ” when someone said to me, after I thanked them for their time and signature, “Please don’t thank me. I thank you for taking time out of your life to do this for us. Thank you for doing the dirty work.” You will never realize how that kept me going when I was tired and wanted to give up for the day.

This wasn’t, and still isn’t, a political party issue. I stood side-by-side with Republicans, Democrats and Independents for the last eight weeks. We all worked together for one common goal. To restore integrity, confidence and honesty to the district attorney’s office. I am very proud to have been a part of this movement and it’s something I will never forget. Thank you.

L. Carol Koris

Glenwood Springs

This letter was originally sent to Sens. Allard, Salazar, and Salazar, and President Bush

Dear Editor,

I am so tired of all the excuses. I guess it’s a good thing that our nation now has two hurricanes to blame for the increase in utilities.

Now aren’t you all so glad that you are warm, cozy and comfy in your houses, apartments, and condos. You can have your hired help drive your gas-guzzling SUVs to shop for the finest foods and clothes for you, and not have to worry about who picks up the tab on all the things you need to survive.

God bless this great nation, when our politicians live high on the hog, while the people who elected them to take care of them go without, pushed into poverty, and homeless because your comfy lifestyle.

Why should you worry about the increases? After all, we pay all of your bills. Why should you care, why should you say no to the next increase in your wages, say no to the next utility increase?

Say enough is enough.

Oh wait, if you did that, then you wouldn’t be able to take your much-needed vacation with the latest Forbes 500 group.

While we are now forced to make decisions, we can’t afford to drive to work, can’t afford not to work. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Wendy Lough


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