Vote yes on Amendment 36 |

Vote yes on Amendment 36

Dear Editor,Amendment 36 is the small-d democracy amendment. If it is passed, every vote cast in a presidential election in Colorado will count! If your candidate wins the popular vote he will get his proportional share of the Colorado Electoral Voters. If your candidate is only runner-up he will get his share of the Electoral Voters. Isn’t that fair? Isn’t that democratic? One citizen, one vote – not some citizens, one vote, and some citizens, no vote.We can’t change the national Electoral College system, but we can change the Colorado “winner-takes-all” part of the system. That is, even if only 51 percent of the voters vote for Candidate X, and 49 percent vote for Candidate Y, Candidate X gets 100 percent of the electors. That’s not right.Colorado can lead the way to change. If we lead the way, other states will follow. Let’s lead. Vote yes on Amendment 36.Peter LarroweEl JebelDeath of the public’s skepticismDear Editor,It is a sorry day for the republic when Sinclair Broadcast Group, a company with blatant ties to the president’s campaign, can air a one-hour, commercial-free “documentary” so obviously biased against the opposing candidate. This is the same company that censored Nightline for honoring the fallen soldiers of the Iraq campaign, fearing it would hurt the president in the polls. This is nothing but propaganda disguised as news. We came to expect this from Pravda during the Cold War, but to see it happening in our own country is frightening. With an FCC commissioner with family ties to the same campaign, the lack of action from the FCC was predictable. Citing the first amendment, Michael Powell refused to even address the issue. When did the first amendment confer the right to spread lies and innuendo via mass media in this country? Years of fabricated drivel from Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly have numbed us to what truth is. Some of us watch this stuff in utter disbelief, recalling days when such junk would have never been allowed on public airwaves. Others just suck it up, believing that because it made it to TV, it must be the truth. Did skepticism die along with the public’s ability to read?Bob ShettelGlenwood SpringsPrioritize the issuesDear Editor,A commentator recently echoed a growing feeling of mine about the election. He said this has been an election with a connection of religion and politics to a degree not seen since 1960. It was an enormous factor as Mr. Kennedy, a Roman Catholic, became president. With Sen. Kerry preaching from pulpits on the one hand, and endorsements of some Roman Catholic Bishops, as well as ministers of conservative churches praising the values of President Bush on the other, we have a deep religious-political debate. Even tax exempt status is being questioned for some religious bodies.As the religious debate heats up, I ask readers to consider that God gave us a mind with which to think, and a heart with which to love. God expects us to use these gifts in every aspect of life, including politics. Perhaps a good way of handling the religious rancor is to list issues important to you in order of priority. Look at them carefully, and prayerfully, see what principles or morals inform your stand, and then look at the candidates’ stance. My list includes the war in Iraq, abortion, global warming, stem cell research, and health care for those without health insurance. Your list may be different. For those working at being Jesus’ disciples, and those who at least feel his ethics are paramount to a sane and compassionate world, ask what would Jesus do in applying the law of love to these issues?Love and peace,Rev. James WarnSiltA little help from Dem friendsDear Editor,I would like to thank the Democratic candidates: Sam Robinson, Keith Lambert, Greg Jeung, Jay Fetcher, Kathleen Curry, John Salazar, Ken Salazar, John Edwards, and John Kerry for inciting the Garfield County Democratic Party to stand up and demand progressive change. Our distinguished candidates have run virtuous campaigns on the issues and their supporters have behaved honorably.This is the most important election of our lifetime. Please vote! I humbly manifest appreciation and honor for Theresa Voda, Dana Barker, Leslie Robinson, Sherry Caloia, Abby Lockhead, Tim Kaufman, Julia, Greg Russi, Mike Sawyer, Annie Flynn and the thousands of county volunteers and contributors who have worked for over six months, every day, in the trenches, to bring positive change to our magnificent county, state and nation. These citizens believe so strongly in the need for change that they have made personal, financial, and very individual sacrifice for something larger than “self.”You, and your dignified friends and neighbors, who have given so much, are the true patriots. Please join us at 6 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 2, at the Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop, 725 Grand Ave., Glenwood Springs, for our Election Day party to rejoice in a “Mission Accomplished.” Thank you Garfield County!Donald KaufmanGlenwood SpringsDon’t let our president down – vote for WalcherDear Editor,I have known Greg Walcher since he was on the staff of our Honorable and very capable Sen. Bill Armstrong in Washington, D.C. Whenever ranchers, like myself, and other free-enterprise industry representatives went to Washington, Greg was always very helpful in introducing us to senators and congressman who could help us. Greg’s word is his bond, and you can depend on him.Greg Walcher know that the “first dollars” come out of the ground, whether it is ranching and farming, timber cutting, oil and gas drilling, or mining; all represent natural resources and all need water. Colorado’s natural resources are predominantly located on the Western Slope and in District 3. Greg Walcher is not going to short these industries, nor the people whose very survival depends on them.Greg Walcher has been a leader for Club 20 and has gone to Washington, D.C., and to Denver many times to successfully lobby our resolutions. Let’s not let this congressional seat be taken by the other party. I know the Salazar brothers; I like them and respect them, but I don’t want to let our president down. We need to keep the Republican majority in both houses. I know that the people of District 3 will be better represented by Greg Walcher. He has the experience and knows how and when he can introduce or vote against legislation that is good or bad for us.Nick TheosChairman, Rio Blanco Republican Party

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